Tuesday 27 March 2012

Trying to Focus Tuesday


“You can't depend on your eyes when
your imagination is out of focus.”
~ Mark Twain ~

As those who read my post yesterday know, on Monday afternoon I had an ‘emergency’ appointment at the eye clinic, due to another vitreous detachment on Saturday. (The link goes to a post I wrote two years ago after my first experience.)

Two years ago when I was first troubled by a floating grey ‘cloud’ in my right eye, I didn’t know what it was; and didn’t contact the eye clinic until after some weeks had passed, but the cloud in my eye still hadn’t (and still hasn’t).


This time it was a more sudden experience but  now I recognized what it was when I suddenly started seeing little black spots and then they gathered into another floating cloud – on my other eye. This was in the daytime but it wasn’t until the evening that I got ‘scared’, when turning off the lights to go to bed I kept getting flashes of light in the outer corners of my eyes, especially the left one. I knew from the info I got last time that this is considered an extra warning sign.


Sunday I took things very calm and wore sunglasses outside (I was wearing those on Saturday too though). During the day no experience of flashes, but again at night.

So Monday morning I phoned the eye clinic and got an appointment the same afternoon. Same procedure as two years ago and same answers. Thankfully no damage to the retina this time either. The ‘clouds’ I’ll just have to live with and hope for the best (i.e. that with time they might settle and appear less disturbing).

I was also told, for the next few weeks in particular, not to do anything physically strenuous. Going for a walk is okay though, the doctor said, and so is reading and watching TV. Computer wasn’t mentioned, but I suppose that’s as with reading and TV: More to do with my experience of it.

I have no intention to quit blogging but I may have to adjust my habits a bit further still - we’ll see.





  1. since you mentioned no treatment, i assume this is just something you have to live with? no drugs no surgery? so sorry you are having trouble with your eyes, the lives you and I live very much depend on clear seeing, from camera to computer and writing and typing. love the pretty blue birds. I will pray for your eyes.

    1. Thanks Sandra. Yes I'm afraid it seems I'll just have to live with "the clouds". If the retina is damaged when the detachments occur they can repair that with laser or surgery though. That's why one should get the eye examined if one sees flashes like I did this time - this can be a sign of danger of worse damage. (And if one gets actual loss of field of vision then it's even more urgent.) The "clouds" they can't fix, but with time it can get better - I do think it very slowly did for me in the other eye, lately I'd not been thinking about it so much until now it happened again with the other eye. Now I think of the first one again as well because they aren't "synchronised" and it feels like that contributes to making me dizzy! I'm relieved there was no tear in the retina though. They say the next few weeks just after a detachment one should be extra careful not to do anything strenuous etc so I'll try not to - including not sit too long at a time at the computer but take more pauses. With the camera I try to think it's an advantage with the digital camera I have now, since last summer I've got used to no optical view finder, learning to do things differently, shooting from other angles.

  2. How scary! I have eye problems too, and worry each time I have to see my specialist.

  3. To use a phrase of GB's - "That's a real bummer!" I think anything to do with eyes is scary and I'm so pleased you got an early appointment. Please take it easy and I'll keep my fingers crossed the cloud goes away or into a corner and becomes insignificant.

  4. Hope your eye/s will feel better soon, they are so vulnerable. And can imagine that it felt scary with the lights. Glad you got an appointment so fast. Have a lovely evening! Big hugs!

  5. Gosh, I had feared the worst for a bit here, and am so glad you are alright! What a scary thing, though!!! Where are these beautiful birds and old fashioned cages, how lovely! I'll pop over to your other blog now and see if they are on there as well.


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