Monday, 5 March 2012

Macro Monday: Orchid



Orchid in my bedroom window.

For Macro Monday.


  1. How beautiful!!! Do you manage to grow these? Most people say they are very hard, but the orchid people insist there is nothing to it.

  2. Beautiful orchid.

    Regards and best wishes

  3. I think there can be few families of flowers that have such a wide and beautiful variety. So exotic and so colourful.

  4. Beautiful orchid. They are hard to maintain aren't they?
    Have a lovely evening!


  5. Gorgeous details of the petals in that first photo.

    Happy MM

  6. Perfectly beautiful flower.

  7. i love that bedroom window shot, the pots, the light coming through the blinds, a very interesting and beautiful photo

  8. Beautiful! I've often thought I'd like to have an orchid, but I'm pretty sure I would kill it. Yours is quite spectacular.

  9. I don't really find them "hard maintenance" The flowers last for months; and at least two of my three plants have bloomed again, one of them which I got 3½ years ago I think has shot new flowers at least once a year. I water orchids about once a week, they can go without water for even longer. When I do give them water I take them to the tap in the kitchen and water them thoroughly in luke warm water but make sure that they are not left standing in water in the pot. Sometimes I give them a bit of special orchid nutrient solution, but not very often.

  10. Despite the fact that I find them rather formal I did have an orchid for some years but it eventually succumbed to the problems of being left to fend for itself (albeit with intermittent help) whilst I absented myself to New Zealand.

    1. Yes I guess six months of loneliness might be too much to cope with even for an orchid!


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