Monday 12 March 2012

Macro Monday: Butterfly Courtship, 12 March


“The butterfly counts not months
but moments, and has time enough.”
   ~ Rabindranath Tagore ~


Small Tortoiseshell – Aglais Urticae – Nässelfjäril, 12.03.2012

Whether it’s true that butterflies feel no stress, I’m not sure. These two seemed to go straight from winter hibernation to courtship, on the very first day the sun was warm enough to wake them up. ;) 

Today was the first day after winter that I went for a walk bareheaded; and it was also the first day this side of winter that I came across butterflies on my stroll about the neighbourhood.

I always wonder with the first ones that wake up, what they find to eat (and with these two, if there’s anywhere to lay eggs yet!)

So my next stop was the garden centre to buy some spring flowers for my balcony. Tiny blue pansies and daffodils (not yet in bloom).



Spring has officially sprung!

Macro Monday


  1. love that window box, so beautiful, the green is as pretty a the purple. as for the mating butterflies, totally amazing shots. they look like they have furry bodies, each detail so fine.

  2. Beautiful, I love spring when everything comes back to life again. Great shots :)
    Have a fantastic evening!

  3. The blue and purple colors in your third photo are amazing!

  4. Wonderful light and colors.

    Happy MM

  5. Wow, what a find you made, and a beautiful one!!! And on your first butterfly sighting of the year! Your flowers are beautiful! And will be even more so when the others bloom.

  6. A first butterfly of the season is a perfect reason for planting those lovely pansies. Beautiful colours.

  7. Your window box is gorgeous! Love the color of the pansies.


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