Saturday, 24 March 2012

Lunch With Madame Butterfly

Today – sorry, yesterday, because I intend to pre-schedule this post for tomorrow (that made everything so much clearer, didn’t it?) – I had the pleasure of being able to eat my lunch outside in the sun on my balcony. I’m not sure I’ve ever done that as early as in March before (but one forgets easily).

Moreover, I had the delightful company of Madame Butterfly. Well, it might possibly have been Monsieur Butterfly, I’m not 100% sure. But let’s stick with Madame for literary purposes.

While I had Mango Chicken (and forgot to take photos of the mangos before I started cooking!), Madame Butterfly munched away at my pansies. I was so glad to see her that I decided not to disturb her during lunch by going inside to get the camera. So we just enjoyed the sunshine and our food.


Eventually, though, I had to go inside for a bit, and it seemed I scared her, because she fluttered away. However, when I got back out, she was back too; having decided to stay for tea. Knowing that she must be really hungry after her long winter sleep, and that there aren’t a lot of flowers about yet, I kept my distance for a good while longer, sitting in my chair, just zooming her in.




Hello, what’s this? A fly! Not sure I like that!
These are my flowers! I saw them first!


Yes, this is my flowerbox, and I don’t really want to share!
(Can you spot the rival lurking behind the box, to the left?)


Now I’m invisible – I think.

Eventually, I dared try a few proper macros up close:


The sun is sooo lovely, and the flowers sooo yummy…
I could just stay here for hours and hours…
Oops, perhaps I already have!


All right, I guess I can let the human come a little closer with that thing, she seems harmless enough…


Hey! That’s close enough though!

And the next time I turned my back, she vanished.

But I think that had more to do with the sun going down, than with me and my camera. (I wonder where she spends the night?)


  1. So lovely to see. And not just one but two! I doubt we will have any butterflies for weeks yet - no so much because of the temperature but because the garden just doesn't seem to attract them. Perhaps your flowers smell better!

  2. Some beautiful shots you got there, I love the macro ones :)
    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. It has been a rather unusual winter every where, it's in the 80's here. Love your window box, beautiful colors.

  4. these are truly "special" so beautiful, the flowers and the butterfly and you have your own little piece of butterfly heaven there to attract them.

  5. From your title, I thought you had gone to see the play, but this is even better! You are really getting the knack of taming these creatures for your snaps! Your flower bx is beautiful, I'm glad I can see it in all it's glory now. Below, I love the hoverfly in the Crocus! I would have thought it to be a honeybee, I don't know how you tell the difference.


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