Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday Update


The first mini daffodil opened out on my balcony 3 days ago.
Since then the sun has gone back into hiding though.

The sciatica is better but now instead I’ve got “tennis elbow” problems (not from tennis!). Of course it is my (otherwise) “good arm” while on the other I have arthrosis in the shoulder.

Won’t be out and about much in either of my worlds this weekend. Luckily I have some audiobooks waiting and dvd’s.

Also have a training program for tennis elbow since before so will try to be a good girl and do those exercises and hope for the best.


  1. so beautiful, this yellow flower. i get tennis elbow and wrist and forearm, only it is mouse related. is that what causes yours?

  2. Lovely daffodil - yellow is such an uplifting color isn't it?!
    Sorry to hear that you're suffering from sciatica and tennis elbow, not very nice.
    But keep doing your exercise and it'll get better.
    Have a lovely day and enjoy your books.


  3. Definitely sounds like a weekend for ignoring the computer and listening to a DVD or audiobook.

  4. You have my sympathy on both counts - neither sciatica or tennis elbow is any fun and both sap the fun from life. So sit back and enjoy your books and dvds as much as you can. Take a peek at the daffodil, too - that is always an uplifting sight.

  5. I'm late commenting: hope you're feeling a bit better today!

  6. Monica, you remind me so much of myself! I have so many pulled or torn muscles or cartilage and need so much surgery, and it ls always something else. My Dr. said he thinks they are all connected, and I that have some sort of genetic disease that causes them all. Phil gets tennis elbow all the time, has for many years. He plays a lot and teaches it. Le me know if you want any remedies or exercises.


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