Thursday 8 March 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Oh No–More Snow!


Oh, why?! (we all know it’s no use asking, and still we do…)

We were doing so well… All the snow and ice was gone… We were able to stretch our legs in long strides outdoors again and turn our faces to the spring sun…

This morning however I woke towards 6:30 to the sound of the “thing” above… (zoomed in through the window)

Yes it had started snowing a little when I went to bed last night but only tiny little flakes and I was still hoping it might not come to as much as the forecast said. But for once they were right!

Usually on a Thursday morning before nine I’m off to the rehab pool at the hospital across town, but today I phoned to cancel. (Luckily they have voicemail for that.) Think I was better off this morning with just a hot shower at home and staying in!

Hopefully by next week this lot of white will be melted again.
Which is why it feels so unnecessary; which is what makes one want to argue with Someone about it…


Getting over that though, I guess a better approach might be to be thankful that I’m able to stay in and don’t really have to go out.


  1. well the one thing the noise maker did to make your snowy day better was enable you to get that last shot. i love it, the photo not the snow

  2. Sorry yuou missed the pool but it sounds like staying in was the best approqch to the day.

  3. Nearly there Monika ;) remember the long winters back home. I was living in Värmland for a few years and it took forever for the snow to melt away.

  4. I'd never thought of snow that way before: unnecessary. Yes it is rather isn't it at this time of year. Hope Spring returns quickly.


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