Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weekend Reflections–SOOC


Weekend Reflections AND Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday

Saturday offered a nice and sunny afternoon and I was not the only one taking the opportunity for a walk into town. There were even people sitting outdoors at the riverside cafĂ©. Presumably, most of them smokers! We are still having frosty nights and most of us still find it best to be properly zipped up when going outside. (Why I chose that particular expression you’ll hopefully understand if you keep on reading.)

Actually I was in town twice yesterday. First in the late morning, by bus, with my shopping bag on wheels, to get groceries from the only grocery shop in the town centre. So crowded that I heard more than one customer muttering to partner or friend: “Remind me never to go in here again"! I can only hope that they stick to their resolutions (and so diminish the crowd by a few people), because I know I shall have to visit the place again. It’s not my only option but the best from public transport point of view, when I want to shop a little more than I can carry. (And as regular readers know, I don’t have a car.)

Well, anyway, after that adventure: some rest, lunch, more rest, and I was ready to go out again. This time, free of burdens, I walked into town on my own two feet; with the main purpose of exercise and getting some sun; and the additional purpose of handing in a coupon at a clothes shop,  where they had been kind enough the day before to already give me the discount in spite of having left the coupon behind in my other purse at home. But I did have my membership card, so I asked.

No hassle at all, in spite of them not being able to check it by help of my card. I still got the immediate reply that they’d give me the 20% discount anyway; but if I could, they’d be grateful if I popped in some other day with the coupon, for their statistics. 

I’m sure that attitude is a lot more profitable to them in the long run than saying “sorry, no, we can’t do that”. At least with me it put me immediately in a good mood, both having made a bargain and being treated as a valued customer. It also made me actually take the trouble to go back with that little piece of paper; for which I received thankyou’s; which made me feel even more pleased with myself; so happy faces all around!


Now if anyone is wondering what it was I bought, it was a knee-length blue denim (‘jeans’) dress with a zip all the way down the front. Actually I’d gladly have bought it even at full price just because it fit, it feels like “me”, I can wear it with leggings, and with various tops underneath according to season, and I don’t have to be an elite gymnast to get in and out of it.

I took a few other dresses with me into the changing room as well, which might possibly have fit me (I’ll never know!) if I had had an assistant zip-upper/unzipper constantly at hand whenever I wanted to get in or out of it. Since I don’t, any dress with a zip (or buttons) down its back or even down the side is out of the question! 




  1. not posting yet, but dropping by a few frineds. i feel about 75 percent better, still bad headache, i think the side effects from one of the meds does that, even tho it is silly to give me meds for my headache that cause one. love the new dress, i have one like it, but it has a V neck not round. wish i could find one now, the one i have is about 10 years old and is still in good shape.

  2. that is a lovely reflection photo

  3. A great buy, Monica, and so glad you got not only the discount but such pleasant customer service. It makes such a difference doesn't it.

    And how nice that the sun shone for you.

  4. This is a very cute denim dress, and you can change the look to many different ways, so it is like getting several outfits. I love the colors in the first picture, and always love hearing about your day, it always makes a real interesting post!

  5. Nice denim find... love your bridge shot!

  6. Even though I have my husband to zip me up I prefer front zippers. Hate trying on clothes, buy most of my clothes on-line from stores where I know my size.

  7. It must be nice to be able to walk into town especially on such a beautiful day. Great reflections!

  8. Sun. Walk. Good service. River. Clean beautiful buildings. Practical and attractive dress. What more could a girl ask for from a day.


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