Monday 25 February 2013

Simple Pleasure

What a difference the Sun makes. I feel like I’ve been shut in by layers of ice for weeks and weeks…

DSC_0139 ice
(Sculptor at work inside a block of ice; from my archives.)

Haven’t dared to set foot outdoors without some kind of ice-creeper devices attached, and not been able to walk in normal-sized steps or strides even with them on.


It’s been over three weeks since I last dared try walking to the supermarket (1 km there and 1 km back) – until today. (I have been able to get to other shops. I’ve not been starving.)

On Sunday afternoon I tried to go for a walk but gave up after… I think less than 50 metres. Icy street, icy wind… Brrr! I turned around, went back home and lay down on the couch with an electric blanket on top to warm up!!!

Today (Monday) at long last we had a whole day of sunshine, and in the afternoon the temperature had risen above freezing point, and the sun was still “on”… I decided to be brave and at least do some reconnoitring. So I put on the less spiky and most walkable kind of ice-creepers (like the second pair above) and set out again.


And lo and behold, on the other side of the still very icy walkbridge across the railway, one of the pavements along the street leading towards the supermarket was almost ice-free.

DSCN2282-1 thaw
More photos from the archives, but could have been today.

As it turned out, by criss-crossing from one pavement to the other at various strategic points, I was able to actually reach the long lost El Dorado... 

DSCN2224 supermarket

Oh joy. It might be the most thankful I’ve been for the supermarket since the day it opened… Not that I can shop much in one go, as I can’t carry much – but still! LOL

And guess what: I did not even have to put the ice-creepers back on for the way home. (I had to take them off inside because indoors on the stone floor they have the opposite effect.) (I managed the icy bridge by holding on to the railing.) Walking without them for the first time in weeks felt almost like being barefoot :)



  1. Mum gave me a pair of ice-creepers about 30 years ago. I still have them on Lewis. They have only been used once in those 30 years. That sort of ice on Lewis is a rarity.

  2. It looks like a solid sheet of ice in the first picture! I love the upside down roof in the puddle. I have those treads you put over your shoes to walk on ice, but you can't wear them inside. Mine are called Yak Tracks. So glad you are back home safe and sound!!

  3. A fine invention is the spiky feet.

  4. I've never owned ice creepers, but they would have come in handy a few times this winter! As for the sun - lucky you! I've almost forgotten what it looks like.

  5. I don't envy you with all the cold and ice at all. I'm glad you made it to the supermarket safely and back.
    Hang in there, the sun will be back out soon.

  6. i did not even know ice creepers existed, they are really cool. not fun to take off and on but fun to not fall down... cool ice shots from your archives. glad you made it to the super market. and yippee on your sun


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