Saturday, 16 February 2013

The How

Sandra the MadSnapper asks on her blog today:
“How do you post?”

I decided to steal her topic and turn it into a post of my own. That’s how I do it…

Joke aside, reading Sandra’s “hows” made me realize that I’ve never really thought all that much about the procedure besides the purely technical stuff.

2010-08-21 butterfly3

I started blogging on a whim (four years ago) and I guess I’ve continued much the same, just inspired by the continuous interactive flow of ideas between other bloggers. I enjoy taking part in certain weekly theme challenges (photography and book-related) but try not to get too compulsive about it. (I said “try”!)

I prepare my posts in Windows Live Writer. If have an idea I want to save for later I usually put it in a draft which is saved locally on my harddrive until I consider it ready for publishing.


If I have a blog-thought while the computer is off, and am afraid of not remembering it, I jot down a few keywords on a piece of paper and leave by the computer in the study until my next session there. Or I may send an email to myself from the phone!

2010-08-20 butterfly8

I have a notebook in which I collect good quotes I come across.

Because of pain-related difficulties writing by hand (going back a long time before I started blogging) I avoid making more extensive handwritten notes or drafts.

Many of my posts are built around my own photos, and then I start with the photos (doing my basic editing in Picasa) and then add text. With other posts (like this, or book reviews) I start with what I want to say, and then maybe go hunting for some illustrations before I post.

For example a couple of butterfly collages randomly chosen from my archives, for no other reason than to add some colour…



  1. Beautiful pictures. It's very interesting to see how others prepare their posts. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. ha ha, you thief you.... several people said they are going to create a post on how they blog. i like that, learning what others do. i keep quotes in a word doc.
    and i meant to ask if anyone emails themselves. i do that when i am on the lap top in the living room and want to remember something i read on a blog, i send and email and it comes up in both computers as a reminder. the collarges are really beautiful and the colors are magnificent... i did try the live writer after you told me about it. i used it a couple of times.

  3. Oh my GOSH! These are really gorgeous! They don't even need any words. Each one is a little masterpiece and worthy of it's own post.

  4. I post about whatever is happening in my life that will take a minute or two to the name of my Blog.I create, preview, tweak and upload pictures from Blogger Dashboard. I love illustrating my articles, and usually it's my picture..take my camera everywhere. If I can't find one of my own, I go to "" and find what I need. I can also schedule a post to publish later by putting in a date and time. Been blogging since 2007 and love it.

  5. Gorgeous photos my dear...really beautiful.
    I do most of my posts in Blogger dashboard. When I have an idea I may create a draft post and store for a later date, especially if I have to do some research to finish it off.
    I have about 12 draft posts stored at present, so I'm okay with ideas for the moment.

  6. Amazing pics!
    Follow me on

  7. I love, love, love all of the butterfly pictures!

  8. I never write my posts anywhere else than directly on blogger. When I have an idea for a post and can't instantly put it in action, I make a note in my phone. There, I am sure not to forget it. Usually, the pictures are my own; if I've nicked them from somewhere else, I usually say so. An exception are book reviews. The cover pictures are from the internet most of the time, and when I post a picture of the author, it is often taken from wikipedia.

  9. Adding colour certainly worked. I shall have to give somne thought to Live Writer - I haven't used it and it does seem popular.

  10. I used to use Live Writer (limited to Windows and I use Apple) and Blogo but now I just stick to Blogger.

  11. I'm sure Live Writer has saved me a lot of frustration. The Blogger editor probably has its advantages - not least if one is using more than one computer - but I feel more in control with Live Writer.

    1. I'd still be using Live Writer if I used Windows, Monica.


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