Tuesday, 3 May 2011

ABC Wednesday – P for Palm Tree


Something in this photo doesn’t quite fit 
the traditional image of Scandinavian spring:
The tree trunk in the foreground.


It belongs to a palm tree.
Palm trees don’t grow here!


Except, of course, in big pots which are kept in greenhouses
during the winter, and only appear outside in the summer.


And so the palm tree (quite recently, in my town)
has been added to the signs of spring.


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  1. i like that shot of you peeking around a palm to view the scene. who knew you could have palms in Sweden, i sure did not. what a great idea. color me Still Learning new Stuff every day

  2. I wonder why palm trees? A touch of the south in the north?
    Jane x

  3. peculiar to find palms there!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Interesting. Are the palms to make the space more 'exotic'? Weird...interesting. I love indigenous plants when I 'm visiting.

  5. Yes, I do think the palm trees were added to enhance a southern/ mediterranean atmosphere in this "piazza" kind of place; which is now also lined with street cafés in the summer.

  6. The palm trees in Sweden are unexpected, but what a great idea! And they are beautiful! Wonderful photos as always and a terrific post for the P Day! Enjoy!

    ABC Team

  7. Fascinatin that Palms are put out as a sign of Spring in Sweden. They certainly give a tropical flare to the scenery. Great photos by the way.

  8. Actually I like the Swedish trees and all Scandinavian trees and vegetation much better than palmtrees. You live in such a beautiful country you don't need the introduction of the tropics. The tropics have their own plants, which are great overthere. Your photos are very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love the way the trunk of the palm looks in the first shot. All of the photographs are very lovely.

  10. You really got me with this one! I couldn't believe I was seeing a palm tree. What a very cool idea!!! That trunk is amazing, I've never seen a palm with a trunk like that, it looks like someone wrapped something around it.

  11. Living in Southern CA, I adore all our Palm Trees...they are a favorite...them and the mighty Oak Tree.

  12. Your shots could be California or Florida. Wonderful shots.

  13. We have plenty of palm trees here, they thrive in our hot all year long climate.

  14. Wonderful. Palm trees in Sweden. The first photo is amazing, well done.

  15. A similar palm tree scheme goes on here in Karlstad (Sweden) wehere I live... but this year, winter was so rough that some of our treasured palms didn't even survive INSIDE the greenhouses! :/

  16. Another view that I haven't seen before but I think we've seen very close by haven't we?

  17. GB - Oh yes, I have had plenty of pictures from this place by the river, both with and without palm trees.


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