Monday, 9 May 2011

Macro Monday: Uncurling



On Saturday I went for a walk around this lake, which is also a bird sanctuary. (Same place where I had my little chat with the pigeon in the previous post.) At one end of the lake these ferns were yawning and stretching themselves to greet the spring sun.

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  1. i love ferns, all kinds of them, we have them in our year, they look a lot like these, just a little different. i like the curly cues, you have a beautiful spot to wander and glad spring has sprung for you and you can get out without being all bundled and cold.

  2. Härliga bilder!

    Jag har en hel del ormbunkar på tomten som jag just tänkte fota idag! De är så härlig nu när de börjar rulla upp sig.

  3. What lovely pictures of the ferns waking up to spring!!!

  4. I love your lake pics, ferns etc...Nice

  5. I love to see the ferns uncurling - spring is here!

    Happy Macro Monday

  6. Härligt! What wonderful greenery.

  7. Nice. I like the unfurling ferns in the foreground!

  8. The fern is a symbol of New Zealand and I think that the unfurling is both symbolic and beautiful.


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