Wednesday, 18 May 2011

ABC Wednesday–R for Restaurant

2011-05-17 Almås2

2011-05-17 Almås3

Yesterday a friend and I had lunch at a restaurant in an upper secondary school which has an education program for that kind of business. Good food and table service at low price in their ‘training’ restaurant. I hadn’t been there before but my friend had. It’s not open every day of the week and apparently it is popular, tables are booked far in advance. The meat was a little too rare for my taste but then I had not specified how I wanted it… Otherwise everything was delicious and the raspberry ice cream we had for dessert was excellent!


ABC Wednesday


  1. I thought that the French liked their meat rare until I went to NZ and there almost all meat is cooked rare compared with even France.

  2. Training schools of all sorts can provide great service at reasonable prices.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Good choice! And what a lovely table setting, too.

  4. Restaurants are some of my favorite places. The ice cream looks delicious. Nice choice for R day.

  5. my addiction to sugar focused my eyes on the ice cream dish and I had trouble looking at the rest. ha ha. looks like a fun place to eat, glad you had a good time with your friend.

  6. Some meat I will take med. prime rib, or filet ~ Ice cream (raspberry) I would take anytime, any way!!!

  7. Addition: I think, I am not sure these rodents are possums. In New Zealand possoms were introduced for their fur long time ago. The fur business were noot lucrative, th epossums became feral, and spread every where. They became obnoxious animals biting tree trunks and killing saplings and eating fruits. I have no idea how the raps caught them.

    My friend uses fruit to trap them. Recently, possum fur have become very good again. They are warmer than other fur including wool. I will ask my friend.

    I like to eat in restaurants too.


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