Saturday, 7 May 2011

Balcony Life


Summer seems to be back on again. It was on from Easter and a week after, then off again (my aunt emailed me pictures of snow only a few days ago, she lives closer to the east coast but roughly the same latitude); but this afternoon I was glad to have my new parasols up on the balcony!  My old ones were all different from each other; yesterday I bought three new ones all of the same kind, and besides looking neater I hope they will give me as well as my plants better protection from the afternoon heat on really sunny days.


I also got some new plants today.


And my clematis survived the harsh winter and is now in bloom.


  1. Your new umbrellas are gorgous!! The clematis look like bluebells, what a beautiful picture of them!!

  2. The idea of a parasol on Lewis made me laugh! I love Clematis.

  3. @GB: They'd soon be gone with the wind I suppose? ;) I've had my share of Mary Poppins problems here too actually, so have to watch out... I don't leave them up or even out in every kind of weather.

  4. i agree with ginny, gorgeous umbrellas and the photo itself is excellent. i like the photo even more than the umbrellas, i am happy for you that you NEED those umbrellas, it means the sun is shining on you again. and summer is ON. beautiful new flowers and happy your pretty ones made it through the ice and snow. great post today Monica

  5. Love you parasols, I'm awfully fond of blue. Thanks for your comments on my Blog.


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