Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Summary


Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday


Short summary of the week: I envy that gull his bendable neck!

Extended summary:
Weather-wise and otherwise it’s been a  rollercoaster ride of a week.

The “otherwise” has to do with mixed news about friends; and also what one blogging friend (Rae) calls “badiversaries” (more explicitly this week was two years since my mother’s sudden death).

“Weather-wise” we’ve had the kind of low pressure weather that seems to literally just knock me out flat these days. In some ways worse than the cold mid-winter (or maybe that’s just short memory on my part). Anyway my neck and shoulder have been in very uncooperative achy mood; to the point of nausea.

Yesterday as I walked into town (slowly, and carefully balancing my head), besides thinking I should have taken my winter coat out of the wardrobe again, I found myself seriously wishing (not for the first time!) for a way to leave my head and right arm back home in bed, and only take the rest of me to town. But then again… nah… I guess I’d probably need my head… But what if I could just carry it under my left arm instead?


This is not straight out of the camera!
(Found it on some website for kids, Halloween section.)

Hmm. I’m guessing such an arrangement might make it rather hard to handle the camera, though... Not to mention how many people I’d scare out of their wits, I suppose! ;)

For now I guess I’m stuck with the duller kind of compromises. 


  1. if you figure out how to do this let me know because i want to leave my hip and back home. ha ha
    and i thought you had turned into a talented artist on that skeleton. sorry you are having pain again, and I know you miss your mother. feeling bad with pain at the same time as your badeversary is not good. hope you have a better day today

  2. Love your idea! too funny!

  3. Know exactly what you mean. Even with our warm weather I wake up and wonder which part of me is going to hurt the worse today.

  4. terrific gull shots - I love watching them scavenge for food!! Great!!

  5. Oh, Monica, I'm so sorry to hear that you are losing your head! Too bad that you need it for the camera!! But I'm so glad to see that you have a more wicked sense of humor than I do!!!! Well, you would look considerably better toting your head around town than I would carrying my colon!!!! Enough said, sorry for that image, I just couldn't help it, and on a Sunday, too!!! I am sorry that this is a sad weekend for you, we both lost our moms just recently so I know the feeling. The pressure always messes up my sinuses and my joints.

  6. Beautiful photos of the gulls,
    they really have a bendable neck :)


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