Friday, 27 May 2011

Weekend Reflections: Ducklings


For some time now, I’ve only been seeing the male mallards swimming about in the river playing grass widowers. (Just for once, I wish I was writing this in Swedish, because the Swedish name for mallard translates “grass duck”.)


Yesterday, however, I noticed some females were back… With their babies! (Just in time for Mother’s Day here in Sweden.)


Not easy to catch with camera, though!  There were so many reflections in the water that they made themselves almost invisible. How many ducklings can you see in picture below?


There are five little ones + mummy

Photography lesson learned: Even though I now have a camera with more zoom capacity, before I have zoomed in, the birds have disappeared way out of my focus!
– LOL –


  1. I counted them and got all five, so cute!!! I have a Super Zoom, and always loose things when I'm zoomed, I have to back out to find them.

  2. Always good for the 'ahhhh' factor!

  3. Oh, yes! Definitely good for the AH!!! factor! Love those little ones and it is such a serene capture, great reflections for the day! Have a great weekend!


  4. Beautiful captures! I love
    those lovely ducklings!!

    Trevlig helg :)

  5. The ducklings are so sweet! I haven't seen ant mallard ducklings yet, but I have seen merganser ducklings, which I am posting tomorrow. I love the name 'grass ducks," which I will now be thinking the next time I see mallards. :)

  6. O the ducklings are so gorgeous! Like little fluffy toys on the move!

  7. wonderful shots. Spring is here!


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