Thursday, 8 September 2011

Booking Through Thursday: Queue

What are you reading now?
Would you recommend it?
And what’s next?

Just started on a new audio book - well, not new as such - I've even read it before. In between other books this summer I have been (re)listening to a series of Swedish novels set in our capital Stockholm between the 1860s and the 1960s - a sort of family saga through generations. I've now come to the fifth and last. I would recommend them all, but it seems only the first two have been translated into English: City of My Dreams and Children of Their City. The author is Per Anders Fogelström (1917-1998).

Recently finished This Body of Death by Elizabeth George. She usually manages to keep me mesmerized while reading, but afterwards I find that what "sticks" in my memory is mostly the development in the relationships between the main background characters - the detectives and their families and friends - rather than the specific mystery in each novel; which was as usual quite an intricate puzzle, approached from several different angles. From the "private" perspective I was not too happy with the way some things were left at the end. As a mystery though, I think it was rather clever, and it wasn't until towards the end that I began to connect some of the things which at first did not seem to be connected at all.

During the reading of this book I also came to question if I ever read the previous one in the series (Careless in Red). I think I must have missed that one; so now I've ordered that from the library. Luckily it turned out they had it as audio-CD in English. 

Our town's main library has just been reopened in newly renovated premises (after a year and a half or so in temporary premises). I looked in for a quick glance the other day. Of course they have shifted everything around so it will take a while to re-learn where to find things. New white bookshelves made it look airier and brighter than before. The shelves are also still half-empty because they gave everyone really long loans over the summer, to help with the move.

My favourite improvement so far is in the online catalogue. They've made it even easier to queue for books online now by also including the option to choose at which library I wish to pick them up. So I can order any book from the library catalogue, from home, and instead of having to go to the main library to pick it up when it comes in, they will send it to my local library which is only ~5 min walk from where I live. Excellent service. (It was possible to do this before as well, but then I had to go to the local library to ask them to order it for me.)


  1. This is a really great way to borrow books!! I will have to see if our libraries have this, I don't think so. I would love to see pictures of your library before and after!

  2. Sounds fun!

    here's mine:

  3. our library on line is like that we have 5 locations to choose from, i love the online reserve books, especially like you did today, when there is a specific book i am looking for. even new books, we can in line and wait for it.

  4. Very interesting.


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