Sunday, 18 September 2011

SOOC Sunday: In A Bubble




For Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday

The past week I’ve been kind of in a bubble of my own. Might have exhausted myself last weekend, might have been a virus of some kind, might just have been the awful weather – or all three combined. Anyway I was feeling ill, and while the rainstorm raged outside, shut myself in for four whole days; until the sun came back out on Friday.

Yesterday the yellow smiley in the sky was still shining, and I decided to walk into town for a bit of shopping. What was I thinking. Turned out to be one of those Saturdays when the town was full of “goings on”. Streets I had intended to cross back and forth over turned out to be roped off for a race, busses were sent on detours, the sidewalks crowded with spectators, market stands in unexpected places…

I should have foreseen it, because there had been an ad or two in the newspaper. But I had not quite gathered how much would be going on…

So I had not even brought my ‘proper’ camera, because what I had in mind was trying on clothes; not to hang around in the streets watching people… Hmm… When shall I ever learn?

But I did have my mobile, so of course I could not resist the kids  having fun in the plastic bubbles on the river!

Today back to grey skies and headaches; more rain on the way. Maybe I should get me one of those bubbly things? ;)


  1. These are really fun. How do they get them in? I wouldn't mind a go myself. A good job you went out.

  2. Adrian, they let the kids in while the ball was deflated and then filled it up with air. I guess there must be a watertight zipper.

  3. only one day of sunshine, so sorry. hope you feel better today. those are wild and wacky bubbles, at first i thought what if they got stuck out in the middle, but i think i see a rope tied to it.

  4. Hi!
    Looks like lots of fun. But I'd worry about one breaking and being stuck in the river. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. Wow I like that bubble thing. But don't see myself to be inside lol. ^_^


  6. I would never have known these were taken with a mobile, they are excellent!!! Oh, I think that would be so much fun for kids, but I would get so dizzy and bumped around!

  7. This is so cool....looks like lots of fun...

  8. Our bubbles are called Zorbs, that is not Swedish is it? Though the Kiwis claim they invented it.

  9. Ann, I've never heard of Zorbs but I also have no idea if we have another name for it here. I've never seen one before. I doubt we invented them. If the Kiwis claim to, I'm not going to dispute it! ;)

    Btw - I also would never consider getting into one myself, unless it would seem the only way to escape a Flood reminding of the days of Noah...!

  10. That does look like fun! Glad you had your mobile and could catch these shots to share with us. Glad you're feeling better, too!

  11. Just trying to catch up. Wonderful bubbles - Ann's right in that they are popular in New Zealand though whether the Kiwi's invented it or not I don't know. But I blogged about it in 2008 at A Hebridean in New Zealand - New Year's Day 2008


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