Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weekend Reflections – Straight Out Of the Camera


Well, more tilted than straight, perhaps – but unedited anyway!

Yesterday (Saturday) I took part in a local Photo Marathon.  More exhausting than I anticipated – partly due to the weather, which was supposed to be half cloudy with glimpses of sun, but turned out rainy and muscle-and-joint-aching chilly; but it was also the first time I took part in this yearly event, and I probably didn’t have the best strategy.

10 themes were given at the start, and 5 hours to do the job, and only one photo per theme was to be left on the memory card when handing it in (together with a form filled in to tell which photo was meant for which theme). We were allowed to use our own computers for the choosing and editing etc, so I went back home for that + a quick lunch. But just going back and forth by bus, and having lunch, took more than one hour of the total time; and the final job of choosing the pictures and copying etc got more stressful than I thought. With my experience from blogging I really should have foreseen that these things always take longer than one supposes! … But with blogging I’ve also got used to not really having to keep an eye on the clock like that. So I nearly gave it up… But in the end I did manage to catch the last bus in time to hand in my card a few minutes before time!

This is one of the many photos I did not submit. I was considering it for two different themes – Reflections of the town, or Up and Down – but in the end I chose other photos for both.

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Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday

Weekend Reflections


  1. I love this.........sometimes one has to tilt to fit it all in.
    I don't agree with the non edit part but it sounds like fun.

  2. If this one is this good, I can't imagine how great the ones you submitted are!!! So how many people entered, and is there a prize or runners up? When will you know the results?

  3. I love it, tilted and all, fits both reflections AND up and down. what a fun thing to do even though I can imagine finding the subjects in 5 hours would be stressful, or it would for me. glad you did it, now we will have lots of photos to see. will you be able to share the ones you turned in when it is over? is there prizes?

  4. Adrian - Editing was allowed in the marathon but there was not much time for it! This photo here is unedited because I'm linking to Straight-out-of-the-camera Sunday.

    Ginny - Just over 300 entered, I think. There were two classes, youth and adults. There are prizes but I'm not sure what. Money or giftcards or photo-related things probably. I think there is one prize per picture (and class) + one for "best roll" (in each class). Winners' pictures will also be published in the newspaper, I think about a month from now. And I think all(?) pictures will be exhibited at the library.

    Sandra - I've not seen any rules about not sharing the pictures elsewhere, so yes, sooner or later and in some form I will be blogging them.

  5. I'm not sure the camera was tilted, it may be just that the world is getting more and more tilted as time goes by... everything is relative...

  6. That is a great one ! Despite of the grey sky, you succed to take some very enjoyable picture... I like the tilt : it give something soft to the pic.

  7. I like the tilt because it goes nicely with the curve of the water. Great reflection!


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