Friday, 16 September 2011

Weekend Reflections: After the Rain


It’s been raining a lot lately!
This is supposed to be a walkway, not a ditch.


Is there such a thing as water-croquet?
(That sign in the background insists that this is a croquet-lawn.)

Weekend Reflections


  1. I could tell that is a lot of rain. The reflection is gorgeous!

    Getaway Place

  2. I love the reflection in the footpath.
    Croquet! Ask Graham. He lies down on the lawns drilling wee holes and polishing the grass blades. I think this is links croquet.........much more of a challenge.
    I loved this post.

  3. Adrian - I strongly suspect Graham will just add to his list of things to be thankful for, that just now he is in sunny France playing petanque instead! ;) [And Graham, when/if you catch up here... You know I can never pass the croquet lawn without thinking of you!]

  4. Where is this, a country club or something? I LOVE the reflections in the first picture!

  5. water croquet no but there is such a thing as bog snorkelling and that looks like a perfect spot:-)
    thanks for sharing

  6. A perfect ditch for your lovely lamp-post reflections!

  7. After the rain seems to be the best moment to catch perfect reflections... The first one is awesome !

  8. so this is your gift from Katia. I hope Maria does not bring you a gift. i like the water walkway. very interesting and would be fun to wade it

  9. I'm catching up at long last. It's hot outside in the sun and I've popped into the cool for a few minutes. I've played croquet on some wet lawns I have to admit. It's a daft game at times!


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