Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Troubled Waters Over Bridge


(Bridge Over Troubled Waters is one of my favourite songs…)
Last week after days of heavy rain, this wooden footbridge across the river in town was not much use if you wanted to avoid trouble. I should perhaps point out that the water on top of the bridge came from above though… The water level in the river is very high but not quite that high.


  1. spectacular shot, i love the shiny water on top of the foot bridge, so very beautiful.

  2. What a gorgeous shot with fantastic reflections!

  3. Wow! A stunning shot.
    Bridge over Troubled Water I was twenty one.........skiing in Scotland and never wanted to return.
    Thanks for reminding me of wonderful times.

  4. This is a strange and lovely picture, and I love the reflection. And your bright smiley post below DID really make me smile!!

  5. I always love puns and things ('cos I'm not sure it was a pun). It's amazing what you learn about people in comments though! Adrian, skiing. Well I never.

  6. Of course it was intended as a pun. Or something! ;) As for comment communication, that is (at best) an art form of its own. I too love those little gems of info that sometimes pop up unexpectedly. The tricky part is that each blogger has his/her own preferences as to if, when, where and how to keep the comment conversation going... or not.


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