Wednesday, 7 September 2011

H for Horses (ABC Wednesday)


ABC Wednesday – H





At the Harvest Festival I attended on Saturday, there was also horse-riding in the park for the children. Or should that be pony-riding? In my humble opinion a pony should be smaller, but I’m not really sure…

Tried to look for a definition in Wikipedia, but it was not helpful. It seems there are some ponies called horses, and some horses called ponies; so never mind!

I don’t think I ever rode either a horse or a pony – and I’m not intending to start now. I think I read a few books about them when I was ‘that age’ (when other girls actually took up riding); that’s about as far as my interest in horses ever went. I still prefer looking at them from some distance ;)

ABC Wednesday - H



  1. they are horse and gorgeous and big and beautiful, with those tiny little humans up there. once again you found Most Interesting Things

  2. LOL!! I am in the same boat as you!! I prefer to watch them from a distance!! But they are really very nice and the children are loving it!!

    My H Post - Handlooms of India

  3. my daughter was riding like that last month!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. You and me both! I love looking at them, but always wondered why other kids wanted ponies!! Dolls and books were so much nicer! I love that last picture, too cute! The first black horse looks like some kind of working horse. I have never ridden any kind of animal and have no regrets!

  5. It's good to get children used to horses at a young age if only so that they don't fear them. One of the things about horses is that they can sense it immediately if you are not happy or confident when around them and particularly if you are riding one.

  6. The horse is so lovely,must be exciting for the kids to have such opportunity to ride on a horse. Here we only see horses in the zoo or the riding stables . Oh I forgot about the racing horse here, where most gamblers goes too...


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