Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I for Ice Cream (ABC Wednesday)


You can imagine the taste of it, right? No real need for a lot of additional information; except perhaps that this is a Norwegian brand of ice-cream, not a Swedish one. But sold also in Sweden, so I did not have to go to Norway to take the photo. Incidentally, when I looked up the Norwegian Wiki page about the company, I learned that the name of their ‘mascot’ is Eskimonika (my own name being Monica)!

To find more things beginning with I, go to ABC Wednesday.


  1. Serendipity! I like ice cream cones:-)

  2. It looks revolting. Just like a Corneto. They are really vile.

  3. Adrian, I had forgotten about your dislike of those (I'm reminded now that I read some comment of yours about it recently). Well I agree in as far as I really want cones filled down to the bottom with ice-cream; I don't like the last bite to be all dry chocolate and waffle. ;)

  4. of course I LOVE the name.. looks good to me, i love all ice cream, except for mint flavors. and i love the dry waffle at the bottom since i like the cone on any ice cream as much or more than the ice cream. i have been known to eat the waffle cone empty.

  5. Sandra, with a cup of tea (I don't drink coffee) I could do that too, well at least if it is a tasty kind of waffle... But if on a hot day you just buy an ice cone 'on the street', then if the last bite of it is all dry, it makes you thirsty again!

  6. This ice-cream girl looks like she is a lightening bolt!! Your Red Admiral pictures are really beyond words!! Wonderful shots, you have definitely turned into a PRO!

  7. It's a very quaint logo.
    INFORMATIVE. Thanks.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. I'll stop at any sign that indicates ice cream is on sale. Unique sign, she is obviously wearing too many furs so an ice cream is essential to cool down.
    ABC Team

  9. Ice cream is my hubby's comfort food ^_^ Just bought butter pecan and black cherry ^_^

    I am In

  10. Norwegian or Swedish, it wouldn't matter to me! Ice cream is always good.


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