Sunday, 25 September 2011

SOOC-Sweet Temptation





This Friday+Saturday was our traditional Autumn Market. The old-fashioned “home made” kind of sweets are always popular!

I don’t often buy sweets (candy) nowadays. That does not mean I keep a sugar-free diet – I do eat dark chocolate, and ice cream, and have to admit that I do like a biscuit (cookie) or two with my afternoon tea... But I very rarely buy the kind of confectionary which is basically just sugar. Yesterday at the Market I fell for the temptation though… All on the excuse of being able to take nice close-up photos of them, of course! (Yes, I’m rather good at deceiving myself…)

The ‘mint kisses’ in the last picture is a favourite. (Sometimes in the past I used to make them myself for Christmas. With varied result. I tell you – if you’re unlucky and end up with a batch of sticky mess that will not harden, you’re likely to lose your taste for them for a while…)

In the top picture is a mix of soft marmalade + hard ones. The red-and-white ones are peppermints, the black-and-white ones salty, the red and green ones acid.

Which is your favourite?

Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday


  1. I'll go for the peppermint and chocolate mint kisses every time! I'm just about to have a cup of coffee. One would be perfect right now. Please can you magic it to me?

  2. Like you I used to make mint creams - with varying results too.

  3. Here lately my guilty pleasure has been the small gourmet Jelly Beans...they come in a variety of flavors...the vanilla bean is my fave! Great shots of your delicious looking treats!

  4. the first shot the candy is beautiful to look at, but hard candy is my least favorite, although if it is in front of me i will eat it. i have never had salty candy, so would like to try that. the soft gooey ones, i don't like and I dont eat mint anything, but i love chocolate anything and for candy i would say caramels are my favorite. hubby loves reeses peanut butter cups, they are his favorite. i like peppermint sticks, and i like soft peppermint. oh well, just say if it has sugar i will eat it. i love the first photo, i can see each grain of sugar.

  5. My downfall is chocolate and anything covered in chocolate, and mint chocolate.

  6. Sorry Graham, I hope you found something else to have with your coffeee... I have yet to find a spell that can send more than the image!

    Sandra, salty liquorice is very popular here in Scandinavia. I love it but it's not good for high blood pressure. So I never buy more than a few pieces because if have it at home I can't resist it.

    Janet, I love chocolate too, but fortunately with plain dark chocolate I am satisfied with just a little; so that's the only kind of candy I usually keep 'in stock' at home. (Add a bit of mint, and I will I eat twice as much! Can't really explain why!)

  7. I'm LOVING this!!!! I have never seen candy like the last picture, I would have immediately bought a pound!! The first picture is what we call Hard Tack, and we can only get in for a couple months around Christmas time. Some are filled and some are not. Filled have either chocolate or jelly. And you can buy either filled or not, or a mixture, some in fancy tins for gift giving.

  8. We bought milk chocolate covered caramels, sprinkled with sea salt on top. There are also chocolate dipped potato chips. Chocolate is SO good with salt!!!

  9. Chocolate is my downfall. But, to be honest, I can be tempted by anything sweet. However, it is impossible for me to keep anything 'in stock'. What I don't devour, the grandies will.


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