Friday, 28 December 2012

Gifts (Friday My Town Shoot Out)

A dear friend since nearly four decades, Gunilla, is my main provider of shawls. She finds most of them in markets in the south of Spain, where she spends some time every year. Here is the latest addition to my collection, which she sent me for Christmas:


And below a colourful display of more of the same kind that have come as presents from her over the last decade or so:


I also got this tiny piece of jewellry:


It’s meant as a decoration for mobile phone or handbag… I think I’ll find a safer place for it though.  For now it’s hanging in my Christmas tree!


My aunt sent me these charming pot-holders.


My Santa-brother brought the first three seasons of the classic TV-series The Onedin Line on DVD.


I’ve discovered one disadvantage of Kindle books: You can’t make a nice colourful pile of them for a Friday My Town “gifts” photo challenge! My brother also gave me a digital gift card… The above is a genuine camera photo of the printed card, though!

To my delight I learned that one does not have to spend the whole sum at once and there is no time limit. Once I’ve entered it to my account, my next purchases will just be deducted from the balance until I’ve used it all.

So far I’ve bought two books from my Wishlist which were both published in 2012: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton, and Dodger by Terry Pratchett. As a happy surprise the latter turned out to cost only $2.99. Which means my Kindle shopping spree is not over yet!

 Friday My Town Shoot Out – Gifts



  1. Very nice. Those shawls are quite lovely. You got some very nice gifts.

  2. I too, love the shawls. I have a collection from India due to my association with the Sisters of Charity in India. I also got 3 Amazon gift cards since that is where I like to buy my art supplies. Happy New Year new blogger friend.

  3. The Onedin Line! Wonderful. I started watching it a few years ago here in NZ and also When The Boat Comes In: two terrific series.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful friend you have. The shawl is the most beautiful one i have ever seen!!! I hope you will wear it this spring and post a picture of you. And the beautiful angel jewelry matches it perfectly!! Don't you miss the heady smell of new books?

  5. Oh those are lovely shawls. I have many scarves, but only one shawl. It was sent to me by a blog friend several years ago, and I wear it all the time. In fact today we went to the movies, and it's always a little cold in the threatre, but I was warm as toast.

  6. Ooh, oh, I am off to buy 'Dodger' for my Kindle. It will be the only one of TP's that I don't have a hard copy of, however...

  7. I'd have put the little ornament on the Christmas tree, too :-)
    Amazon gift cards are great; I've had two or three over the past year, and have made good use of them, buying presents for other people with the money on my Kindle account.

  8. Those are incredible shawls! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to your blogs through the new year.


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