Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday My Town – Going Back in Time to Rainy July


Back in July, my brother and I visited an old mill (Vänga Kvarn) which is now a museum but also still produces wheat flour which is sold in their own shop, and used for baking bread and cakes sold in their own café.


Follow the link to read more about millstones.


Water power is used to run the mill.


On the day we were there, it was raining heavily!



The café garden is full of playful sculptures which bring a smile even on  rainy day:



(The three billy goats Gruff – read the story in an earlier FMSTO post on my other blog, Bridges of Fairyland.)

Friday My Town Shoot Out – Rainy Themes



  1. i do love the billy goats gruff, it was a favorite when i was a child. beautiful flowers and i like that first photo a LOT

  2. What merry garden sculptures. As you said they will bring a smile whatever the weather.

  3. PS I forgot to say that our children used to love the three Billy Goats Gruff as well.

  4. Your visit pictures are soo good, I don't know which is the best. I will have a favorite, then scroll and the next is even better! I LOVE the white bell flowers, do you know what they are? And the Billy goats, and the fishing man, and the third picture, three favorites today! I continue to be amazed at how awesome your photography has gotten over the years!!

    1. As DT no doubt knows they are Digitalis purpurea - Foxgloves in English but I don't know their Swedish name!

    2. Thanks John... I was just trying to recall the name from memory but failed. The Swedish name is 'fingerborgsblomma' which literally translates 'thimble flower'. (Makes more sense to me than foxglove. When did you ever see a fox with gloves?)

  5. I love the three billy goats gruff - my favourite children's story - and a lovely litte rickety bridge for them to go trip-trap over.

  6. The flowers dripping with rain are very beautiful. Poetic, really.

  7. such beautiful surrounding there and fresh flour! did you buy any?

    1. Yes Jama, I bought a bag of wheat flour - and I've been using it for my Christmas cakes and biscuits! We also had lunch at the café that day and bought some buns baked there for our afternoon tea later.

  8. The rain drops on the foxgloves is a beautiful image! Sorry I'm so late in commenting, been a bit busy :)


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