Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Advent of the Buddy Bears


*The Latin word adventus means "coming."

The Buddy Bears have arrived in town.  I’ve already mentioned the upcoming exhibition both on this blog and in the Picture Book, but now it’s here, and will be staying for the duration of December.


With the invasion of colourful bears, there’s no room for the traditional “Santaland” in the town square this year, but we do have a big Christmas tree.


There was also a choir dressed in santa-hats, and some guys serving porridge (I don’t know how popular that was, there didn’t seem to be much of a queue)…


As you can see we’ve had switch to cold weather. The temperature dropped below zero yesterday and we got a fine sprinkle of snow. Today we had about –5°C, the sky was mostly cloudy. No more snow fell, but the fine layer of powdery white from yesterday stayed. Rather perfect weather for 1st Advent. (My feet got cold from standing around during the opening of the exhibition though… I walked into town, but took the bus home afterwards.)


I’ve decided use the Buddy Bears as “advent calendar” in my Picture Book, until Christmas. There are more than enough bears to choose from, as there are 108 of them in the exhibition. Each bear represents a country, and was uniquely painted by an artist from that country. I’ll start with countries where I know I have friends and fellow bloggers, and then we’ll see.

In the town square, they have put the bears in alphabetical order according to country. After a while I was reminded of the Olympics parade… and how many countries there are in the world that I know little or nothing about. (Maybe I should follow GB’s example and make a donation to Wikipedia as well while I’m in charitable Christmas mood!)


  1. i love them and the idea of your advent calendar. can't wait to see them

  2. Again, I LOVE the pictures, and also the cool fire. The bears rather look look they are worshiping the tree.

  3. Christmas. Oh dear. It seems as though it was only eleven months since last Christmas. Once every 5 years would be a much better idea for the commercial side and just allow the birth of Jesus to be celebrated for what it is the rest of the time. I love the Buddy Bears though.

    1. Now there's a new radical idea, Graham. Maybe when you retire from croquet (as if!) you'll enter politics! Actually I think the Buddy Bears is a step in the right direction; they make us stop and think, and encourage giving to charities.

    2. Far too many vested interests for my idea to be accepted unfortunately.

  4. To use the bears as an Advent calendar here on your blog is a great idea! I am already looking forward to discovering a new bear every day.
    We have pretty much the same weather here - I woke up this morning to a sunny winter wonderland, and now the sky is full of cluds and it is snowing again. As you say, perfect for the first Advent Sunday.
    You know I have just the thing against cold feet: a pair of socks from my Mum's Etsy shop ;-)

  5. I love them and think the Advent idea for the Picture Book blog is great.


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