Friday, 7 December 2012

Weekend Reflections – Winter Sunset


After 3-4 days of snowfall, the sun peeked out of the clouds for a little while yesterday afternoon (just before it went to bed). I took the bus into town for an errand or two and managed to catch these reflections of the setting sun in the river.


Today it’s been even colder. Around -16C (3F) this morning – brrrr. 

For Weekend Reflections and SkyWatch Friday

(What’s up with the world today? For once I’m on time with my postings, but no linky-sites are showing…)


  1. not sure what you mean about linky sites... your balcony lights are beautiful and God's Christmas lights in your photos are magnificent. two really really beautiful photos today... brrrr on your temps, make that a double brrrr

  2. 3 degrees F? That is miserably cold. I feel warm.

    Photo posted was taken Nov 2011 by my husband. The village is about 20 minutes from our house. It's picturesque 365 days a year. Quintessentially New England.

  3. That a very cool/cold reflection, brrrrr as you said ! The weather is cold, but you are quite lucky though : snow give such a beautiful glow to everything... And nothing compare to the noise of shoes walking in snow, for me : it is a sound I really enjoy, cause it means snowball battles, snowmen, and so much more fun... Like hot coco heading back home. :D

  4. Living in south, this is the kind of view I NEVER see. So thank you for offering this white beauty!

  5. What beautiful reflections for the day! I always love the watery ones!! Terrific composition and the perfect picture of a lovely autumn day/evening!! It does look cold, but beautiful!! Have a great weekend! Stay warm!!

  6. Lovely post! A great composition!

  7. BRRR!!! -16C is waaaay too cold for my liking - but we had plenty of that at the beginning of this year, at the end of January and well into February. Let's hope it won't be such a hard winter again this time. Today at -3C was enough for me! It's been snowing almost all day, and looks quite beautiful here, but nowhere near as spectacular as your view across the river.

  8. Lovely winter pictures and I love the reflections. How I miss the cold winters in Sweden.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Cold but stunning photos! It has been that cold here too in Edmonton, sometimes colder. This morning it was -17 without the wind chill when I left for work at 6 am. It feels cold right now but when it gets to -25 to -30 C or so we'll think -16 was downright balmy! I am very reluctant to think about days that cold but they are surely right around the corner.

    Take care!

  10. Excellent....I love the new header.

  11. The pictures are lovely! I am glad the snow didn't amount to much.


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