Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Did You Have Time To Miss Me?

It feels like I’ve been away from home for forever and a day. In reality, it was only a day and a half…! I went out to the House yesterday morning. It was a warm and sunny day, and a good chance of a fine morning today too. The warm weather eases my shoulder pain, and I was in the mood to “get things done”. So I decided to stay the night for once. This might not seem like a big deal to most of you, but then you should know that it’s been years since I spent even one night away from home. The beds in the House don’t agree with my back. They still don’t! It also did feel rather strange staying there over night all on my own in the big house… Even if being alone did give me the freedom to play Goldilocks and try out all the beds! There are only two alternatives though so it did not help much. I did not get much sleep, and I doubt I’ll repeat the experiment any time soon. (Not really sorry I tried it though – I think I’ll recover.)

From weather point of view it was a very nice evening. (Would have been even nicer if a neighbour hadn’t decided to spend it on his lawn-mower!). It was also a fine morning; except that I didn’t get up quite as early as I had had in mind, because I didn’t fall asleep until about that time! 

This 1½ day I did not spend so much time upstairs in dad’s study, because I could take better advantage of the fine weather by doing things downstairs. Gave the house a good airing by having both doors open. Sorted through the contents of some cupboards and closets and drawers, did some laundry and cleaning etc.


Good drying weather!


At the end of the day I went down to the lake for a while.
There were still plenty of people on the beach at 6.30-7 pm!


This time even I got at least my feet wet!



  1. Wow, I'm impressed with all that you did and that you were able to stay the night through. I'm not very good at sleeping away from home, either...never have been, even when I was a little girl. I'd enjoy my sleepovers but didn't sleep well at all.

    You have pretty feet, if you don't mind me saying so. I have squiggly toes, so they probably won't be making an appearance on my blog any time soon :)

  2. It seems like you had some nice moments despite not having the comforts of home. Will you be eventually selling the house? Maybe you told me, but I can't remember.

  3. I bet you needed a walk after all that work. I always have to walk out my tired muscles after a bit of housework. Love your photos of the lake, such a lovely spot to have nearby. Hope you have caught up on your lost sleep!

  4. Heather: Some people have pretty faces, others have to settle for pretty feet ;) Haha.

    Pauline: Those feet were tired and achy towards evening though, after having had the whole weight of me upon them all day long! Fortunately it is not a very long walk down to the beach.

    Ginny: Yes we will eventually be selling the house. Not this year, but hopefully not too far off in the unknown future either. So the time spent there this summer is part of a 'goodbye' process including walks down Memory Lane.

  5. wish i could have been there with you, not to WORK but to wade barefoot in the water,LOL. sounds like a good idea to spend the night. i don't do well with staying the night away from home. i like my own space and bed. not a travelers bone in my body. looks like you are making a lot of progress on The House

  6. What a beautiful setting your parent's home is in. Do you plan on keeping it?


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