Sunday, 21 August 2011

Go With the Flow


For Straight Out of the Camera Sunday:
One can tell from the flow of water in the river at the old mill that it’s been raining a lot lately. Saturday the sun came out so we could go for a nice walk (brother, dog and I); but all Friday the rain was just “streaming down”…


I can’t believe it’s been five days since I posted on this blog! Or actually – I can believe it, because I’ve been very busy with “off line” things this week; and rather tired when not busy.

On Friday my brother came down for a meeting regarding the inventory of the estate after my father. We had help by a solicitor to draw up the proper documents. Now will have to wait for those to be registered with the authorities, which might take a while. Since there’s only the two of us and we’re not in disagreement about things, it should hopefully not be too complicated though.

I also spent most of Saturday with my brother out at the House, continuing to (more literally) sort through things there. While Per did certain things he had to do, I this time concentrated on gathering some of the files and photo albums to do with our own family history; which I have now taken back home with me. The problem is all my bookshelves and cupboards are full of ‘my own stuff’ already…! And I really don’t want my own study to end up looking like my dad’s… So the sorting has to continue…

It tickled my curiosity when I found it seems both dad and his dad before him did more genealogy research than I was aware of. Most of it comes in bits and pieces though and it’s quite a puzzle to fit things together. Since before I’ve added what I knew to a genealogy site on the internet; but with the notes that I’ve now found, I should be able to make some revisions there.

I doubt I’ll be digging much further than trying to put together the facts that my dad and granddad already gathered, but I guess that remains to be seen.


  1. Your picture is lovely, I would love to bring out a chair and just sit there. What a sad, daunting, and tiring task you have. I am so glad you have your brother to go through this with!! My mom was a hoarder, but fortunately she lived in a small apartment and could only keep so much. Even though, I remember how hard it was. Not only physically, but finding things that either brought up memories, or that I had forgotten the meaning of and wish I had asked her while she was still here.

  2. Love the mill photo. You have a daunting task in front of you. Thanks for taking the time to join in, today.

  3. Gorgeous photo!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @

  4. I would love to walk up the stairs beside the stream and listen to the water as it races down. nor racing water here in Florida. good luck with all your sorting, a job i would not like. i am with Ginny, it is good you have help with all this.

  5. The water does seem to be flowing hard! Settling an estate is such a chore. It helps that you and your brother are on friendly terms.

  6. The picture with its abundance of water is very attractive indeed.

    Winding up estates can be very consuming of both time and emotions. It sounds, though, as if you've been finding some genealogical rewards amongst all that.


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