Sunday, 7 August 2011

Not Quite A ‘Normal’ Week


This barometer I took home with me from the House earlier this summer. I remember it sitting on our wall back in my childhood/ youth but then I never really paid much attention to it.

Now I have to say it does seem to confirm my suspicions of late that air pressure really does have impact on my muscle pains and general energy levels nowadays.

The golden needle is set manually. It shows the high air pressure we had at the beginning of this week in connection with pleasantly warm and sunny weather. The black needle is Now.  

At the beginning of the week I was out at the House cleaning and doing all sorts of things. The weekend has been rainy, and I’ve spent much of it in horizontal position doing ‘nothing’…

Yes. Somewhere in between there I guess would be ‘normal’…


  1. When there is lots of pressure, it is bad for our health. I know of one person who just gets so sick whenever a front is coming in. And it messes up my sinuses. That is quite some barometer, I have never seen one with the pressure from the past on it as well!

  2. My barometer, whilst pretty, is totally unrelaible which is a shame because I'd love to check if it's relevant to me as well!

  3. Mine seems to be more or less accurate; I've been comparing the figures to online data from the Gothenburg airport which is about 40 km from here (see the weather gadget in my sidebar). Not that I'd trust it to make exact predictions - but some days a glance at the barometer 'explains' why I feel like I do.

  4. I keep an eye on both my 'old' barometers and my new digital one and they seem reasonably accurate compared with Stornoway Airport about 5 miles / 8 kilometres away. I've never managed to find a correlation between pressure and my arthritic knee as people suggest there should be. Exercise seems to have a greater effect.


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