Saturday, 6 August 2011

Straight Out Of the Phone


For Straight Out of the Camera Sunday:

A countryside view taken with my new phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc), from the neighbourhood of my parents’ old place. (The picture is not of our house.)


The end of the week has been a lot rainier than the beginning, but I almost welcomed it – I was beginning to feel in need of a few days to just rest and do indoors things in my own home.

I’ve also tried to catch up a little on my blog reading; and moreover, I think I finally got my email problem ‘sorted’. Most of you are probably not aware that I had one! But the thing is I got into a bit of a confusion when I started using the smartphone to read emails, because I couldn’t access all the folders in my yahoo account from the phone. This led to an experiment with re-directing blog comments to gmail instead. But I wasn’t really happy with that solution. (Besides having to check two different accounts, I found gmail very confusing.) However, one learns as one goes along… Today I had a ‘duh’ moment and finally found the right ‘app’ to download, so was able to get back to sorting my mail the way I’ve got used to. Yippee.  (Yes Yahoo is a silly name but it’s been my main email service since ‘forever’ – even before I got my first dial up modem at home back in the mid 90’s!)


  1. I cannot believe your phone took such an awesome picture, it is beautiful!! I used to use Yahoo for some of my mail, but then had to sign up with Google to start a blog, and they have GMail. But I don't use that either, I have Outlook that is provided by my ISP.

  2. What a beautiful sooc shot !!

  3. Great shot! Especially from a phone. Glad the e-mail situation is resolved. It is such a pain to have more than one account, and I agree gmail is confusing.


  4. great shot from your new phone, now you will always have a camera with you. i would have a lot of problems with the phone, since i don't have a cell phone and this one appears to be smarter than i am. I am thinking of a new TV show called
    Are you smarter than a cell phone?
    i signed up with Yahoo email, but never used it very much so they kept canceling it. i use my cable provider and windows live mail.

  5. You've captured the tranquility of the countryside.

  6. Fabulous shot of the countryside. Looks like a great place to grow up. I'm glad you've resolved the email problem.

  7. My dad grew up in this neighbourhood but I didn't. My parents moved back when dad retired in 1992. I was 30 years old when I moved here a few years before them. People I got to know in later years often assume I grew up here but I did not. I have childhood memories from the area though because both sets of grandparents lived around here.

  8. Some modern phones can produce pics with much better quality than stand-alone digital cameras of a few years ago. However someone still has to take the photo. And you are really good at that so your phone just becomes a more immediate and handier extension and gives greater opportunity. This SOTP is gives your followers yet another lovely glimpse into your environment.


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