Tuesday 30 August 2011



Thank you all who commented on my Sunday post by sending me good wishes for my birthday. Sandra wanted to know what was in the parcel I mentioned in the Sunday post. It was from from my friend Gunilla, and it turned out to contain a collection of postcards of water colours painted by a gifted artist friend of ours, Lena. Lena gets most of her inspiration from the province of Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast, which is also where she usually exhibits her art in the summer. Below are three of the pictures included in the card collection I got. (The card in the photo above, with the parcel, is not hers though.) You can also see these and more of Lena’s work at her own website and the Swedish Artists website:

 image  image


I received more birthday greetings in the post yesterday; among them a gift certificate from my brother, allowing me to choose a number of albums from the website www.legalsounds.com, and he’ll download them onto discs for me. So I’ll take the opportunity to renew a few old favourites I used to have on LPs and cassette tapes. I also got a copy of my brother’s own album Trek.

Otherwise my celebrations yesterday were mostly “on line” by email, Facebook and telephone! Outside, it kept on raining…


  1. these are beautiful, she is very talented. i especially like the feathers. yippee on your music downloads. a great gift and you are right, you were gifted.

  2. These are lovely. And I just checked out your post from yesterday. Monica, did you notice at the time that the butterfly's wing has the shadow of the flower on it??? WONDERFUL!!!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Happy belated! Oh, I really like the cards you got too!

  4. I love the gentle, calming nature of the paintings.


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