Sunday, 3 July 2022



Every time I try to make a video to post on the blog (few and far between), I have to start over trying to relearn how to do it... How do I get the video from the camera card to the computer? And then what was that program again that I use to edit videos? And how did I import the video into that program? And what size was it again that it needed to be reduced to to go on the blog? And where should I export it to? And then how do I get it from there to the blog? ... PHEW...  Still not sure as I write this if it will work out as intended... Perhaps I should add a photo as well, just in case...

Because all I really wanted to tell you was that today, we had a blissful day of rain - falling gently, straight down, no storm, no thunder, no flooding, causing no trouble... just RAIN... :)


  1. This is the BEST kind of rain! Last time I posted a video, I had to load it to YouTube, then go there to download it to my blog

  2. I agree with Ginny, it is the best kind of rain, just what gardens and fields and woods need.
    As for videos on the blog, I take them with my phone and from there can easily transfer them to my blog, straight from the phone or ipad. No extra application needed.

  3. It happens to all of us and not only with videos.
    I like a quiet rain,JUST rain as you 've said.

  4. That's the best kind of rain. When we have light rain here, I always think of the gentle rain we had in England in summertime, though it was usually too often!

  5. that is perfect rain, yay! and whatever you did it worked well. I can see and hear the video. if it makes you feel better I have to do the same thing every single time. I need to write down the steps and answers to these questions but then I would not be able to find the written words.. I have not had to resize a video since I got the chromebook and all in one desk top. I tried last week to find what i used and gave up and deleted the video out of sheer frustration. windows 11 doesn't have what 10 had and chrome has nothing at all.


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