Tuesday, 5 July 2022

The Fight for Bread

Someone had dropped a full unopened plastic bag of bread on the driveway. 

First  to investigate was a seagull.

But the jackdaws were watching...

Once the seagull had done the hard work (penetrating the plastic wrapping, to actually access the bread), the other birds approached, too.

 They had the advantage of being in majority... 

After a while it got nasty!  

Looked like the jackdaws had won the battle for a while... They were soon also joined by a couple of magpies though, and then the gull made a comeback too (which I did not catch on camera). Between them all, it did not take long until all that was left on the ground was a badly beaten, empty plastic bag!

(Watched from my window)

- - -

I'll be taking a week or two off from blogging, because (if all goes to plan) in a couple of days I'll be going off on a little holiday trip. Feels like quite an adventure, as I haven't been out of town since B.C. (=Before Corona)! Tomorrow I'll be washing and packing. On Thursday my brother will drive down here, and on Friday we set off together. We'll be going back up to Karlstad where he lives, around 300 km north of her. But we'll be making a bit of a detour including a hotel night elsewhere on the way. Then I'll be staying with him for a few days, before he drives me back home again.  

I lived for 10 years in K-d myself, way back in my 20s; but now it's been a long time since my last visit. So expecting both some nostalgia and trying to get my head round a lot of changes! 

Well. If you don't see me around in Blogland (much) for a while, you know why. Hopefully I'll have all the more to show and tell when I get back!


  1. I am so happy to read you are gettins away for a couple weeks, have fun and we will be waiting for your report and photos.. it is great you have pick up and delivery there and back and God bless your brother. Happy Trip wishes. I would have watched the bird fight to..

  2. It seems like you have not seen Per in a very long time. I hope you have a great trip and visit!

  3. The seagulls do that here too, in fact if people put their rubbish bags out too early the birds alwas get into them. Hope you enjoy your time away.

  4. Same here; while we only get an occasional seagull here, we have many members of the crow family, magpies including. They would have a feast with that bag of bread, too. Funny that they do not seem to know that bread is supposed to be harmful for them.
    I remember your last summer trip with your brother from B.C.! It is nice that you get that chance to spend time together, and have a change of scene.
    When you come back, I should still be in Yorkshire (if all goes well).

  5. Have a good trip - you'll enjoy the break and change of scenery. Karlstad was the big city on our way north, and when we reached there, we knew we hadn't got too far to go! I used to go there for my clothes shopping.
    The seagulls are real scavengers here, too. They often drop their finds as they fly over, leaving tasty pickings for my Lab., who must be one of the greediest dogs on the planet!


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