Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Beach Boy In Town


When going to the supermarket today I didn’t bring my camera. Big mistake. My mobile is excellent for some photos but not for zooming in birds from a distance. Like when you happen to come across an Oystercatcher (Swedish: strandskata) walking about outside an industrial complex, looking like it’s wondering why the shops aren’t open.

As far as I know the Oystercatcher is supposed to be a wader and preferring the sea, or at least a lake. Admittedly, we did have quite a heavy rainfall yesterday, but not all that much…

It wasn’t very far from the river, but I’m sure I’ve never seen one in town before. Actually, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one before!


  1. to funny, i have only seen these birds once here in FL, and it was a flock of them on a beach, but that was the only time.

  2. I've never seen an oystercatcher anywhere except at the beach. They are waders and I thought they were purely coastal birds. But that just might be here, you guys do things differently. Very differently if your birds go shopping! :)

  3. Hopefully he found his way back to where he came from. Who knows what attracted him to the industrial complex!

  4. I went round the same way yesterday to check if he was still hanging about, but no sign of him. So I guess he's moved on.

  5. I asked a friend who is an eager amateur ornithologist and he says we do have some of these birds around here, he reckons there are 10-15 pairs of them "in town".

  6. I'm very surprised indeed that these have made themselves 'townified'. They are usually a very wary wader and will always keep a certain distance from humans.

    1. I was indeed very surprised to see it walking about where I found it (even if it wasn't exactly the main street); but thinking about it, we do have a number of small lakes around town, including the big one that stretches from the north end of town to the village where my dad lived (and where I often find shells from freshwater mussles on the beach).


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