Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ringlet Butterfly


I caught sight of a small butterfly today that I did not know. It sat down and spread its wings quite some distance away from me in the high grass beside the path where I was walking. I was afraid to scare it away, so first I tried to zoom it in from where I was... And then I gradually tried to get closer to it step by step.




Quite pleased with the result, I have to say.
Finally I even got close enough for a sharper macro:


When I got home, I also managed to identify it:
It’s a Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus).
(Luktgräsfjäril in Swedish.) It’s quite small, I’d say no more than 4 cm or so.

Apparently this is a female because the male does not have those spots on top of the wings but are plain brown. She looks a bit worn, poor thing… I learn from the English website that it has a short lifespan, no more than a couple of months in the summer.

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  1. Superb shot Monica. Once you've started on insects it becomes compulsive as,. I think, you are discovering.

  2. How wonderful for it to sit and wait for you to get those great shots!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I tried to capture (on camera, mind you) a very prettily patterned moth the other day, but failed.

  4. You have got this one. I have seen a few ringlets this year. It is a beauty.

  5. I had to 'sneak' up on a dragonfly recently and was just as shocked that it stayed put for me to get really close....these are so soft and lovely.

  6. Ah yes, my world has changed since I got my first digital camera (six years ago): I'm taking much more notice of the small things around me - and creatures! Trying to catch butterflies with a net never appealed to me... and if it's still hard to get them to pose for a photo, just imagine what it would be like to run after them hoping to make them sit for a portrait in watercolour!


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