Thursday, 12 July 2012



So at which end of the rainbow is the pot of gold supposed to be?


“In a double rainbow, a second arc is seen outside the primary arc, and has the order of its colours reversed, red facing toward the other one, in both rainbows. This second rainbow is caused by light reflecting twice inside water droplets.”


There was a full rainbow over the football field last night… But, unfortunately, before I had managed to remember how to do a panorama view, half of the bow had vanished.


Remains to be seen whether I’ll get another chance to se a full rainbow this summer.  I have seen it in the same place before. But catching it is another thing… I can’t get the full view from my windows and before I get out there, more often than not it’s already gone.

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  1. So beautiful! There are quite a few rainbox pictures in my blog pictures folder, taken over the past two or three weeks, which have not made it into my blog yet - and one of them is a double rainbow, too!

  2. Not for nothing that rainbows have the reputation for being evanescent. Lovely photos.

  3. Wow wow wow! Brilliant shots.

  4. You've done a great job at capturing the colours. Beautiful! It's such a shame about the panorama view. You almost got one with the top shot.

    Have you ever seen a rainbow touch the ground? I haven't. (I’m not sure it’s even possible). My dad’s friend thinks he did once. This friend was driving with my dad as a passenger – he spotted the rainbow 'touching' the ground and immediately pulled over to dig for gold. Unfortunately they were on a motorway at the time so my dad yelled at him to keep driving. You can’t just STOP on a motorway! Leprechaun stories won’t stand up in court! ;-)

    1. The thing is you can never get closer to a rainbow because as you move, the rainbow will appear to move too. I guess if you had a wide enough field stretching out in front of you, the bow would appear to touch the ground - however, always at some distance away from you. There are some good pictures and explanations in the Wikipedia article. Where I live, the ends of the rainbow seem to be behind trees and houses about 1 km from where I am.

    2. But you see Monica the thing to do is run round the back of the rainbow and then creep up on it!

  5. Wow—these are some of the best rainbow shots I've seen!

  6. How lucky to capture a double,nicely composed.

  7. How I love rainbows and sighting double rainbows and capturing them WOW!!!Beautiful!!!Have a great weekend!


  8. Perfect rainbow shots. Love it :)

  9. Beautiful capture!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. How very fortunate you were to capture these.


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