Sunday, 22 July 2012

Weekend Reflections: Water and Sky


A cloudy sky can sometimes be a more interesting background than a clear, blue one. /Monica

Photo from Hofsnäs, Lake Åsunden, Västergötland; July 2012.
(Link to my recent blog post with more photos from Hofsnäs.)

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  1. this is really a cool shot, ethereal is the word that comes to mind. beautiful

  2. I remember, in the days of black and white photography, Dad teaching us to use a yellow filter so at to capture the clouds. A blue sky was really boring in monochrome.

  3. I agree with you. A cloudy sky is often better for photographing flowers as well.

  4. For me the perfect sky in landscapes is usually a blue sky with 'good' clouds for contrast and character and interest. I have a 'bank' of skies for pasting in when appropriate. Gaz showed me how but, of course, I've forgotten and will have to re-learn. The problem which sometimes occurs with cloudy skies is the lack of contrasting light within the landscape itself. However your photo is a really lovely study making the most of the grey and available light. I love it.


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