Tuesday, 17 July 2012

“Just ‘Cos I Could”

When I took the photos below, I was thinking of my blogging friend Sandra the Mad Snapper. Partly because of her post Time Stands Still and partly because I probably know no one who lives more by the motto “just because I could” – well, when it comes to photography anyway…

I’m also sending thoughts to Ginny of Let Your Light Shine, another inspired blogger who’s been forced to take a break for a while.

♥ Hope you both get well soon! ♥


So… can you guess what this is, below?
It is, of course, a photo that I took “just ‘cos I could”.
But what of?


Those of you who visited my last Friday Shoot Out post may have a fair chance of guessing. The rest of you will presumably have some difficulties.

What happened was that I wanted to peek into something, but it was too dark to do so. But then it occurred to me to use the flash on the camera...

In some circumstances, I would not not recommend the procedure. Like if there is someone at the other end of the thing, standing ready to use it for its original purpose. But as there wasn’t, in this case I was safe…

Okay, I think I’ve chattered on long enough now to show you what it was I was looking into:




One of two cannons at the main entrance of our old regiment (now disbanded and the buildings used for other purposes; and the cannons hopefully used for no other purpose than as a reminder of history).


Anyway, I took lots of photos “just ‘cos I could”…





These cannons are replacements for the two cannons that were captured by the Royal Regiment of Älfsborg at Neu-Kalen 1762 and which got lost during the war.”

This would have been the Seven Years War between Sweden and Preussia 1757-1762, formally ended on 22 May 1762 by the Treaty of Hamburg between Prussia, Mecklenburg and Sweden - a treaty which reaffirmed the pre-war status quo.

I find the wording on the sign amusing in a sad sort of way. Can’t help wondering who got yelled at because they left the original cannons behind… The proof that they’d won at least that one battle…

Sweden has not officially been at war since 1814.

2012-07-14 Regementet1

A ghost of a soldier of our regiment in 1683.

He would not have seen these buildings  though, they weren’t built until in the early 1900s.


A memorial tells where soldiers were trained in the past.



  1. What you have done - using the flash to see what you could not see with your naked eye - I have also done when looking into a dark tunnel, half-way blocked by large beams; it had been made inacessable for safety reasons.
    When I looked at the photo, I was a bit disappointed... there was nothing exciting hidden in the dark depths, just more beams and a lot of dust :-)

    1. Well, one can't know until one has tried, can one... ;)

  2. This is one of the most enjoyable of your recent posts for me for quite a few reasons. Firstly I guessed what the first photo was of because I realised it was rusted metal and I'd seen the cannons in your other post. What surprised me though was that the barrel had what I assume to be rifling. I hadn't realised old cannon's had that. Mind you I've not looked down many cannon barrels recently. We did have a small one outside the front door of our prep school though.

    Secondly your humour in this post really appealed to me. Thirdly I enjoyed the detailed photos of the cannons.

    I'll stop there.

    1. That must have been one serious prep school you went to (putting this piece of info together with other things recently said)...

    2. It had its good and bad points. Pupils who came after me have been showing on Facebook that they were not enamoured of what they considered to be the rather sadistic approach by the Headmistress.

  3. I didn't guess. I seemed to get fixated on the idea that it was a well, except I couldn't think what the stuff at the bottom was. A well that has been filled with junk, perhaps, I thought.

    Interesting post.

    1. Actually I was kind of surprised that there wasn't more stuff thrown into them, considering the cannons are standing by the bus stop, and there is a school on the premises now!

  4. you knew i would LOVE it. so that is what it looks like inside a cannon. imagine how many balls have blasted through causing all those markings. i like the wheel shots a lot, and Perfect for just because you could.


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