Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ABC Wednesday - How Many C’s Do You See?




Cold and Cloudy morning in the City Centre:
The old Church with its Clock tower rises
high above the modern Concrete buildings
and the Cinema with its neon lights.

For ABC Wednesday - C


  1. Each of these pictures is a delight to look at, each has it's own mood. I want to go in the church and the cinema both!

  2. A nice Collection of Cs - I found some Curtains too :-)

  3. I like the church picture.

    Visiting you from ABC Wednesday. I followed your blog too. I hope you can do the same and please visit my entry too.
    C is for Crab Legs

  4. I was really amazed at you. You are very smart photographing. The results are always very good. Your camera must be good, right?. Not like me, just rely on the camera phone. But I still thank God. I also can not go far from home. My parents forbid me, because it is not safe for little girl like me go alone far from home. If the place you have cultural performances, take picture, please. I'd love to see it and hear the story. Thank you. Yours sincerely from me!

  5. Amazing to see nobody there!! It is a nice place to hang out, surely there is a coffee house or a cafeteria there too!!

    My ABC Wednesday C

  6. Intan, my camera is a small 'point-and-shoot' Nikon Coolpix. It is simple to use and to bring with me almost everywhere I go. (I have no camera in my phone.) I would like a camera with more zoom capacity though. Perhaps soon!

    This time of year there are not a lot of outdoor cultural performances because of the cold weather. Hopefully more of that in the summer!

  7. Congratulations, you are skilled at photography, your pictures are wonderful, mainly the second one, it's beautiful!
    I also love those reflections!
    Very well done!
    Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

  8. Nicely captured Cs!

    ABC Team

  9. i only found one C, the clock until i read your list and then there they were a whole lot of C's

  10. Okay not fair. I was looking for "c" shaped things like the sides of the clock tower cap or the tree top curving above the building.

  11. love the clock tower
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  12. The idea of a church and cinema being next to each other cracks me up. :-)


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