Monday, 21 February 2011

Macro Monday – Thread




As every thread of gold is valuable,
so is every moment of time.

~ John Mason ~

2011-02-19 textile museum2

Visitors’ workshop corner at the Textile Museum

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 Macro Monday

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Also in memory of my mother,
* 20 February 1930 + 26 May 2009,
always sewing, knitting and embroidering.
(Habits and skills I have not inherited!)


  1. That fluffy looking thread is so interesting - I wonder how you could thread a needle with that Lovely photos and I'm sure being at that museum brought back so many memories of the things your mum made.


  2. Fina garner och sybehör med härliga färger!

  3. way cool photos and i LIKE that yellow second one a LOT

  4. I like the one that looks like a hay bale! Lots of good colors in there!

  5. Oh, I love the fluffy thread.

  6. My mother was the same way and I have not inherited her skills, either! The chair is really cool, does it have any meaning? Can visitors sit in it? I have never seen thread like that roll of yellowish, it looks so coarse and stiff, almost like wire! Perhaps it is upholstery thread or something. Our moms would have LOVED this place and this post.

  7. I very much like the colour and texture of the various threads. Your shots are GREAT!

  8. Beautiful color and textures!

  9. Ginny, that chair is in the workshop corner so yes I take it for granted that one may sit in it. This is a corner where you (kids especially) can try out the stuff that is there. The word embroidered on the back of the chair - "kärlek" - means "love"!

    As for the coarse fluffy thread my guess is it may be intended to create special effects in weaving rather than sewing.

  10. SO many wonderful colors! Love that chair!


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