Saturday, 19 February 2011

Textile Museum (1)


Instead of just continuing to complain about the sameness of winter, I decided to go and visit our Textile Museum. The town where I live (click the About Me tab to see map) was founded on textile industry. The textile museum, housed in an old industry building, has a permanent exhibition of old machinery, as well as temporary art exhibitions.


Just now the Textile Museum is showing various art objects from their collections; and also a special exhibition of  “rebellious” Swedish design from the 60s and 70s.

I could see no signs to indicate that one was not allowed to take photos… So I snapped away; and will be making use of the results the best I can while waiting for spring.

2011-02-19 textile museum

Time clock and sewing factory model.


Singer overlock sewing machine from the 1940s


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  2. I love the time clock, it actually looks like the real old time cards still in their slots. And the little sewers, espercially that tiny supervisor standing in the aisle, oh I bet he made them nervous! Can't wait to see more of this!!!!

  3. I'm excited. I love this sort of museum. To be able to show those of us who will probably never see it for real is a true privilege.

  4. i am so glad you went and snapped away. these little minatures are wonderful, so is the building. this reminds me of my circus minatures. you live in such a beautiful and most interesting town. keep snapping i am enjoying my visit each day


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