Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Much Ado About Nothing


As faithful readers might remember, I’ve had some problems lately with my internet connection. I ended up borrowing a test modem from my internet provider for the weekend. Plugged it in when I got home on Friday and all worked fine. Then I tried to switch back last night (because I had to take the test modem back today) – but that did not work. So for a moment I thought – okay, so it was the modem after all…? Until I called them again this morning to tell them so… and learned that they had to do something back at their end as well before I could switch back… (No one had told me that.) So they did. And then it worked fine again. With my old modem. So none the wiser!

What’s more, I spoke to the same support guy today as I did last Monday, and he said he remembered my call last week. Because just after that, they had got reports that there was something wrong with the public network in my area just then after all…

I had it on the tip of my tongue to ask him: Why then did he not call back to tell me so??? I mean… Oh well, never mind… I can imagine all sorts of answers to that question. It’s just not the routine. For them, it’s probably the “simpler” solution to just let the decision already made run its course… Whether it really serves any purpose or not…

The lady at the service desk where I picked up and returned the modem also had that superb office quality of being sympathetic and polite and seemingly efficient, without really giving proper answers at all. I know how it works. I have worked in offices myself! It’s a matter of remaining calm, pretending to listen, looking or sounding like you understand, and either refer customers round in circles to other people, or tell them to wait or call back later, until they get tired and give up.

The picture shows the impenetrable fort where the Provider resides who makes it possible for me (usually) to keep in touch with you all. (Perhaps the people who really have the Power sit up in the Tower…?)

Ah well, at least today we got a nice blue photogenic sky again; even if we also have a fresh layer of icy slush on the ground, not really making long walks very tempting.

And luckily for me (and for the support guys!), the internet was still working when I got back home again.

Keeping my fingers crossed, and my cables straight, I’m hoping it will continue to do so…


  1. So it doesn't only happen in Cape Town. The Internet went down on Friday and was off the whole weekend. Yesterday when I got to the office it was still down and only came on line again in the afternoon. The whole day today has been a process of stops and starts. In our case it has to do with Telkom who had problems with the ground line.
    I noticed that you do a lot of blogging so if you don't mind I will just tag along as a follower for a while. God bless you and may he bless your service provider too. Geoff.

  2. I always feel like I'm dealing with children when talking to office or support people, a factor of age I guess. And of course they treat me like I'm a child who knows nothing.

  3. Geoff, always interesting to meet people from different corners of the world! Your internet problems sound worse than mine. I hope they'll get fixed soon.

    Janet, there is something in that. Somehow our own point of view always seems self-evident, doesn't it?

  4. so you decided to turn them sidways and upside down and back to sideways to Show them. strange, your description sounds JUST LIKE what goes on here in the dear of US of A.. they have us by the short hairs, we have to put up with them or we cant Blog. yikes yowsa and no way... love the slanted photo. i saw a wedding photo today the the photo was like this and it was really good. blue skies are smiling at YOU


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