Friday, 4 February 2011

A Nice Pot Of Tea – Or Two


I have been maintaining lately* that I’m not really a collector of anything, but it seems I may have been mistaken. As from today, I have to admit myself a collector of shiny brown teapots. Not that I intend to add further to the collection, mind you! I hope two will be sufficient for a while…

The thing is, I wanted a new small “tea for two” teapot to replace an old one (of different kind) that recently got a crack in it.

Visiting my favourite tea shop today, I spied with my little eye a small pot high up on the top shelf, which looked like a miniature version of my bigger old brown one (which I’ve had for 35 years, if I’m not mistaken). And I thought: That might be nice, a big one and a small one of the same kind…

When I got the “little one” home I had to laugh though, because it was really hard to tell any difference between them. Looking at the picture above, which one do you think looks bigger? Actually the new one was bigger than it had seemed to me in the shop; while the old one was smaller than I remembered it. There is a slight difference in size, though. The new one holds three mugs of tea, the old one four! (The one closest to the camera is the new one! Perspective plays its part too, in the photo...)

Ah well. At least the new one fits on the low shelf in the cupboard (which the “big” one doesn’t, with the lid on).

* Friday My Town Shoot Out, Feb 4th – Collections

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  1. i am laughing with you. to funny. they are both beautiful and the one in the front i thought was bigger, you are so right about perspective and this is also how we look at others. they are not always what we think we see or hear. great post. the photo is so pretty and i see you hiding in there with your camera.

  2. HEY!!!! It's double you! Look at your reflections in the teapots. I can see you taking the picture!! This is very cool!! Are you wearing something striped? This is just a perfect reflection picture, double the fun!! Well the whole shot is really nice with the pretty cheery checkered tablecloth and the contrast of the brown teapots on it. The closer one looks larger, but it's not the biggest one, it's all in perspective because it's in the front. You say your favorite tea shop. Are there more than one in your town? We don't have any!!!

  3. great looking teapots. I bet my wife would love them. Great reflections too.
    Linky Tool seems to be working now.

  4. A cup of tea ?
    Thanks a good idea … for two good reflections !

  5. I was just thinking the same thing! Time for tea! It's cold, rainy, gray and windy and your teapots are perfect reflections for the day! I like seeing you there with your camera! Fun shot for the day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. I see the reflection in your cute new tea pot! ~Waving Hello~ to the photographer! Cute shot.


  7. Very nice! Both the teapots and the photo!

  8. I like the reflection of the checkered tablecloth on the pot... Very geometrical, and so abstract...

  9. Une belle idée pour de beaux reflets, j'aime bien.

  10. Looks like there may be a genie in one of them... have you tried rubbing it and making a wish, to see what happens ?


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