Thursday, 10 February 2011



I used to be an organized person. I worked as a secretary, for goodness sake! Now I’m not working, and yet can’t seem to keep on top even of my own paperwork. Well, to be fair – my own plus my father’s.

In connection with a phone call today, I found myself in need of making even more memo notes, and desperation started to well up! Where?! I have notes and notebooks all over the place: On my writing desk and on the notice board behind the desk; by the computer, on the computer and in the computer; stacked in piles, boxes, baskets, pigeonholes, binders and folders; in my pocket diary and on a wall calendar, in notepads and notebooks, on sticky notes and whiteboards, on the refrigerator and the freezer.

(Yes, I have tried using the digital sticky notes on the computer desktop. That just seemed to make things worse.)

I just made a tour round the flat, collecting ALL of my current notepads. Somehow, I doubt that the best solution is to add yet another one…


  1. I love notebooks and office supplies! I even love going into office supply stores and smelling them! My favorite part of school was buying the notebooks and pencil cases and things. So all I can say about this is all your notebooks look in really good shape and brand new! They look unwritten in! I'm coming over to smell!!!

  2. If you figure out how to get organized let me know. I have 2 desks done in an L, notebooks, cubby holes, stickums, and nothing helps, I need to call my eye doctor today and find out when my appointment is even though I wrote the date and time down somewhere.

  3. ok, on this i can't relate. i have one notebook at a time on the computer desk, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. i write appointments on the wall calendar and grocerys on the kitchen notebook, the bedroom book is if i am in that part of thehouse i write things down to remember, then transfer them to either kitchen or computer one. i put imporant dates on the digital sticky note so i see it when i log in. without notes i would be lost, and if i don't keep them in one place, i lose or forget. i make list for everything. i agree with ginny your books are really pretty and look brand new, they should last a while.

  4. Of course you use your computer calendar. I recommend a stand-up file with folders on your desk. One folder is called IN for things you must attend to, but it gets it off your desk. Lists go in here. One has PENDING for things you don't need to do anything about but you will need to refer to later. One is FILE for stuff to put away. Then each piece of paper you must put a date on it and it can go in one of the three folders with the newest one in front. Keep at it and you will have a clean desk, at least from time to time. Hope this helps!!

  5. Sara... Don't think I haven't tried! Unfortunately, the amount of paperwork I've had to deal with the last couple of years since my father fell ill and my mother died, does not fit into one file, or three neat folders. Even the many notebooks were originally an attempt to keep things apart. After a while though they seem to interbreed ;)

  6. Like you I'm a very tidy and organised person by nature. But can I keep a track on all my notes? No. I have abandoned electronic diaries in favour of my good old-fashioned one. I can even look up things in the '60s to see where I was when 'that photo' was taken or that person born. But can I find that note I made a few days ago? Well it's all a bit of a lottery. I might be able to find it. But if it was to remind me about something I've probably forgotten about it anyway. Which reminds me I was about to.......


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