Thursday, 20 January 2011

BTT: Periodically

"Even I read things other than books from time to time … like, Magazines!
What magazines/journals do you read?"

An unexpected question, and my spontaneoous answer would be "none". But as so often when I let my thoughts wander a bit further, I find that perhaps the first answer that comes to mind is not the whole truth after all. It has been a very long time since I regularly  - or periodically - read any magazine in the English language, though. Once  (or twice) upon a time - back in my University days, I think - I subscribed to Time Magazine for a while. But that was then.

Right now, the only periodical magazine I subscribe to is one from a Swedish theological seminar about faith and modern society. They publish four issues a year, each with a different theme. They also always feature the works of some contemporary artist (painter, sculptor etc). They take an intellectual approach in their analysis and try to discover and get "behind" contemporary trends and ideas. Some of the regular contributors are people whose writings I've been following for twenty or thirty years by now and always found interesting.

I also still get a weekly (or perhaps only twice a month? but it seems like every week) from the union connected  to my former job, still being a member at a very reduced fee.

Sometimes in the summer it happens that I also take a temporary subscription for 10 weeks or so to some weekly magazine of the kind with crosswords and recipes and gossip articles and interior decoration tips. Why in the summer? Because to me that's mostly an outdoors deckchair holiday kind of reading/activity. In the winter and indoors, I tend to browse the internet instead (or read a book, or watch TV).

I still subscribe all year round to a daily newspaper, though. Mostly for the local news and ads, but our local paper is one of the bigger ones of its kind. It comes out every day of the week and besides the local news also covers the most important national and international events, and book and film reviews etc. So that, I guess, is my major source of reading besides books and the internet!


  1. Seems like you enjoy reading the paper in the morning just like I do! I even take pictures from it and get good blogging ideas! Newspapers are having a hard time now, because you can read most online and their subscriptions have dropped. It would be sad to see reading the morning paper a thing of the past. Hey, what has happened to your brother? Has he stopped blogging? I always commented to him and enjoyed checking his blog out and hearing his latest composition.

  2. here's mine


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