Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday Simplicity


Orchid in my window
– straight out of my camera for –

SOOC Sunday

♥ ♥ ♥

A simple straight-out-of-the-camera Sunday suits me just fine today. I got enough of editing complications yesterday.

It was when I tried to exchange the header image at my other blog, DawnTreader’s Picture Book, that I got into trouble. For some reason Blogger first shrunk it and then blew it up again and the end result was blurry. This mystified me, because I had no recollection of having had this problem last time. But with things I do not do very frequently, my first instinct is to doubt myself rather than the technology… So of course I ended up stubbornly continuing my experiments for a while; only to end up with the same result again and again: Either a blurry or a very tiny picture.

Eventually I gave up and went to pay a blog visit to Ginny, who changes her header almost daily. Ooops…. turned out she seemed to have lost her head as well… I learned from comments on her post that it was a Blogger issue.

Before I was able to send off a comment of my own, however, my whole internet connection went down! An even more frustrating end to an already frustrating evening!

This morning, to my relief, at least I find myself back in touch with “the world”. Which really puts the header problem in perspective. I’d rather have communication without blog banner than the perfect blog banner without communication…


  1. Its so beautiful orchid. My father like orchid too. And my uncle often see wild orchid in midle of forest. He lives in Borneo (Kalimantan).
    You always have beautiful picture, very good!

  2. i have been following ginny and gina and you with your header issues and i am going to change mine today from the circus and now i am afraid to try it. yikes
    love the orchid, can't beleive it is growing in your flat. it takes talent to grow these for sure. beautiful winter color for you

  3. Beautiful capture! I'm so glad you posted about the header issue because I've had the same thing happen. My first blog header, no problem, but since I changed it, it's either resized smaller than the border of my blog or large and blurry. Would love to know the solution.

  4. Welcome to the club!!! I see you just didn't use a header in your other blog? I don't think I will, either. I only put one on today to show everyone how tiny it is. There are lots of complaints on the blogger complaint link, and it has been turned over to engineering or something like that. I'm with you, just gald that I can type and post pictures. My DIL is still unable to post any pictures on her blog, she has to go into Picasa to do it, and it's much harder that way. This is one of the best pictures you've even taken!! Too bad you couldn't use it for a HEADER, ha ha!!! It is truly beautiful and very fitting for a Sunday. Let's let each other know if we find out how to fix the header.

  5. As I've only ever once changed a header (on Eagleton Notes and then Heather did it anyway putting in the moving pictures!) so it's not an issue. Hopefully the problem will have been solved before the spirit ever moves me to do it again.

    Your heading for this post me wonder. Firstly how my orchids in Scotland are surviving. Secondly about the choice of photo for the word 'simplicity'. Is that word to do with the subject? The orchid is a most beautiful and 'clean' flower in colour and beauty. But is it representative of 'simplicity'. I don't know the answer. I simply pose the question.

  6. Wonderful capture of the orchids.

  7. Gorgeous photo! These are some of my all-time favorite flowers, and you've captured them beautifully.

  8. Fabulous capture on the orchids.

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    Graham, as for your philosphical question, my answer is less philosophical (now isn't that an unusual twist)... The word simplicity refers to using a straight-out-of-the-camera photo in this post (also linking to the meme called "Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday"), and also meant to be a contrast to the story of my "futile" editiing struggles the day before. So - not really meant to describe the orchids as such! Actually it did flicker through my mind that I might also put in a reference to what Jesus said about the lilies in the field neither working nor spinning, "and yet..." But then it all got too complicated in my mind and I let it be...


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