Tuesday, 25 January 2011

On the Fringe


I’m probably repeating myself now, but ever since New Year it has been hard to keep up with the weather changes around here! Yesterday I went out for a walk with the camera, trying to capture a magical all white world, covered by a layer of something which I’m not sure whether to call snow or frost. If it was snow, it was thin. If frost, it was thick! Whatever it should rightly be called, it was as if every branch had been decorated with a fringe…


fringe n.

1. A decorative border or edging of hanging threads, cords, or strips, often attached to a separate band.

2. Something that resembles such a border or edging.


fringe tr.v. fringed, fring·ing, fring·es

1. To decorate with or as if with a fringe:
“The weaver fringed the edge of the scarf.”

2. To serve as a fringe to: “Ferns fringed the pool.”


on the fringe  (idiom)

1. Lit. at the outer boundary or edge of something.
“He doesn't live in the city, just on the fringe.”

2. Fig. at the extremes of something, typically political thought.
“He is way out. His political ideas are really on the fringe.”


Good thing I did get out yesterday, because today by noon we were back to thaw, and now the pretty ice crystals are gone…

Aren’t we lucky to have cameras!!!

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  1. these are all amazing and it does look like fringe. the first one is my favorite, i love the fringe on the fence and the red is such a brillaint pop of color.

  2. What wonderful photos, Monica. I cannot even remember when I saw such frost - it must have been in my childhood. When I've been in very cold temperatures and snow in Canada and the Highlands of Scotland I've no recollection of seeing such frost formations.

  3. Oh my GOODNESS!!!! I have never seen anything like this! For sheer shock value and being un usual and beautiful, these are your best pictures EVER!!!! It looks like it's actually growing out of that tree. Frozen fog looks like this, but mot as big. I guess it's some kind of ice crystals, as you say.

  4. So beautiful that even the worst of our weather can still give us the most amazing natures decor. First to blogwalk here. Happy WFW too.

  5. Ginny, you might well have a point about "frozen fog" because it was also very foggy during the couple of days when this phenomenon occurred!

  6. great textures in your shots!
    very nice

  7. Love all the frosty forms, but your first and last photo are my favorites (because of the red and the green colors in it!


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