Monday, 31 January 2011

Internet Problems

I'm having internet problems again this morning (it keeps coming and going) and according to Support there is no general fault in my area at the moment. The fault also does not seem to be in my home network, so it might be with my modem. They'll lend me another one to test. I don't think I feel up to going into town again today to pick it up though. I was up very early this morning, going in to town by bus at 7.30 to have another blood test done (fasting). Back home around 9.15... Almost my usual breakfast time... ;) Shortly after that, it started snowing again outside. That too seems to be a bit "on and off"!

At the moment I seem to have got the internet going again but remains to be seen how long it will last. Thought I'd just try to put in a quick post so that you know what's going on if I seem to disappear off the map.


  1. i do so hate when the internet does that and can't figure out what it is. once my kept going in and out for a week, they came 2 times, could not find it. 3rd trip out, they found a squirrel or rat had chewed a hole in the cable that ran from house to pole in back yard, it came and went due to moisture in or not depending on the weather. hope it is the modem whichi s an easy fix

  2. We had to get a new modem last fall and then at Christmas a new router, so good luck.


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