Friday, 28 January 2011

One Of Those Days


One of those days. One of those phrases that can mean just about anything. In this case, another of those days when I started out determined to get certain things done; but  didn’t manage to get to “the end of the road”.

First mission was to get myself down to my health care centre and get some blood tests done for a doctor’s appointment next week (an annual check-up of this and that). Spent quite a while in the waiting room, and when I finally got in, the lab assistant asked me if I had been fasting. ?? I had not, because no one had told me that I should; and as my routine tests over the last few years have not required fasting, it had not occurred to me to ask.

I was given the option to either come back and do all the tests early next week, or do some today and the fasting ones next week. Since I was already there, and they often have problems getting enough blood out of me in one go anyway, I decided we might as well start the procedure. Hm. I hope the bruises go down over the weekend, because she had to try twice even today...

From there, I went on to the bank, with some things still to sort out about my dad’s accounts, and the decedent estate after my mum (who died over 1½ years ago). I thought I had got all that sorted last year, but apparently not. After discussions involving what seemed to be the entire staff of the bank (three people – although I guess there must be more of them in the background somewhere), we did manage to find a way round the immediate problem (part of dad’s pension still coming into an account that I can’t access from the internet, which means not being able to use that money to pay bills). Closing that account for good turned out not so easy though. (Which probably explains why it had not already been done.) And until that can be solved we’ll still be receiving bank statements for the ‘estate’. Feels a bit weird…

‘Minor’ problems really (seen in a bigger perspective) but things like this still tend to make me very tired nowadays. Got home, heated some soup for lunch, and went to bed for three hours…

Later, trying to get this posted… My Internet connection went down. Again. It has been happening more and more frequently lately…

All in all – a ‘trying’ sort of day…




  1. What a beautiful picture! They look like weeping willows! Maybe they were weeping for your day... Have you called your internet provider? To see if it is problems they are having with everyone's connections, or if it is on your end from your computer?

  2. The trees are birches. As for the internet problems, they seem to occur mainly on weekends. Even if I do personalize my computer by calling her Bella, I really doubt it's her fault...! LOL (and yes, every time I have called my internet provider, it has turned out to be a general fault in the area where I live)

  3. It's such a beautiful photo but I don't think I can stand the coldness! Please keep yourself warm.

  4. Banks can usually be relied upon to provide a goodly dose of frustration. Good luck!

    The picture is superb. One of my recent favourites and you have produced so many good ones.

  5. Wonderful photos, I always like winter, in pictures that is. I use to hate having blood drawn but my Doctor's staff is so good at it I don't even bruise any more. I always have to do the fasting blood test because of my high cholesterol.


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